Yes4All Vinyl Layered Kettlebell Review

Thanks for visiting my post on the Yes4all Kettlebell Vinyl Set Review. This Yes4All Kettlebell is an outstanding kettlebell which arrives in different sizes and weights. This is additionally thought to be the top kettlebell for exercise since it is manufactured from premium quality and made to last longer than others since it is designed with solid cast iron which does not have any seams, welds and weak spots. This particular kettlebell is ideal for performing outdoor and indoor workouts for weight reduction and weight training.

In this review post, I am planning to talk about what exactly Yes4All is, the description of kettlebell, the features, some of the workouts which can be performed using kettlebells, product guarantee, pros and cons, dimensions, weight settings, best place to purchase this, customer ratings of this product, final conclusion, how excellent this kettlebell is when compared with other and the price of having this particular kettlebell.

Yes4all Vinyl Kettlebell is constructed with soft and strong steel handle for improving the grip. This kettlebell additionally includes a customized fit design and blue paint to enhance safety and protection. Kettlebells are an efficient gear to aid in increasing muscle tissue, enhance muscle recovery, improve the quantity of fat burned and improve the power of muscle mass. They are able to be utilized to carry out entire body cardio exercises both outdoor and indoor. Training together with kettlebells at a regular rate will increase speed and agility as well.

Features Of This Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell:

This awesome product has some awesome features. You can see them listed below:

  • It is available in several weights
  • It has flat bottom for simple storage
  • The blue paint finish will not slip in your hands
  • It improves coordination, stamina, and strength
  • It is made of high-quality, strong cast iron kettlebell
  • It comes with a big round handle to get comfortable and non-slip grip


  • This is made of using strong cast iron; therefore, it is very durable and strong.
  • This can be put to use for entire cardio body workout, reduce fat and powerful body toning.
  • This blue powder layer protects this kettlebell from the elements like chipping and rust.
  • The textured handle gives a comfortable and firm grip.
  • This is used to alleviate the lower back pain.
  • This kettlebell can be utilized both for outdoor and indoor workouts.
  • This kettlebell can be purchased in a wide variety of weights so you can select the weight which suits your best for your fitness level and workout routine.
  • The flat bottom is perfect for workouts which need a flat bottom kettlebell.


  • This is very hard to hold.
  • They include a hard texture, and also are not forged or machined completely flat on the bottom.

Some Additional Features Of This Fitness Kettlebell Vinyl:


  • Design And Style:

The Yes4All kettlebell comes with a cast iron customized fit design to get an additional safety. The strong steel handle is soft, offering you with very comfortable and proper grip. Its handle is additionally broader compared to which supplied by numerous competitive companies. This enables you to easily and securely grip this kettlebell to get such moves as 2 handed kettlebell swings.

  • Great Value For Your Cash:

This 15 lb Yes4All vinyl kettlebell can be bought online for less than $25.

  • Superb Craftsmanship:

This Yes4All kettlebell is manufactured from a piece of the iron to give you the best in safety and strength. This is polished off in a shiny vinyl layer to ensure that there are no chippings or rusting issues.

  • Structure:

The structure of this Yes4All Kettlebell is created of strong cast iron that will not have defective or weak spots and joint seam, therefore, this is durable. This is protected by long lasting powder layer which will not chip away. This powder layer offers a much better and harder grip in wet exercises. The bottom of this kettlebell is smooth and flat for balance on the floor so that you can perform workouts that require a kettlebell having a flat bottom.

This is the best product which lasts for a long time, and it will be a great buy for you. The structure is made of keeping the safety of the users in mind. However, there are so many features that make this product unique than other products available in the marketplace.  You can have great faith in this product for performing weight training.

  • Handle:

The handle of this Yes4All Kettlebell is smooth enough yet textured to offer comfort and ease while holding this kettlebell.

Customer Review:

This Yes4All Kettlebell is the best gear to be used for weight exercises. Many real users used this product and are really satisfied with this. They also have left so many positive reviews for this product, and thus this Yes4All Kettlebell has scored 4.7 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon.

This Yes4All kettlebell is a strong kettlebell which provides endurance and strength. This is very strong, and also you can use this in several exercise practices. For anyone who is looking for a durable kettlebell which works well in burning fat and building muscles, then this Yes4All kettlebell is a fantastic option to help you reach your goals.


If you are looking for a cheap priced kettlebell, then this Yes4All kettlebell is a perfect choice. It has so many features that will amaze you definitely. This is an affordable product with so many pros and amazing features that will help you in so many ways.

Yes4All Combo Vinyl Coated Kettlebell Weight Sets – Great for Full Body Workout and Strength Training – Vinyl Kettlebells 5 10 15 lbs
  • Material: cast iron encased in vinyl to reduce noise & protect your floor
  • textured wide handle for better grip
  • in-door use only
  • weight set: 5 + 10 + 15 lbs


For a conclusion, this Yes4all Kettlebell is a great kettlebell to have if you enjoy doing kettlebell workouts to burn off a higher amount of unhealthy calories from the body and also to improve your stamina and strength at the same time. I hope you are pleased with this review on Yes4all Kettlebell and have learned enough regarding this product which will help you select his perfectly.

I highly recommend you to be happy to leave your opinion in the comment box below in case you have questions regarding this product, and I promise that I will be back to you without any delay. Thank You.

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