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Top 5 Best Adjustable Ankle Weights Review

Adjustable ankle weights are essential equipment for those people who want to workout the lower body. This particular training tool is mainly created to focus on the muscles of the leg, developing and toning them to increase endurance. The top adjustable ankle weights are not that hard to discover in case you understand what you are searching for. However, this can cost you a lot of effort and time to attempting to get that perfect match.

Select to save the problems and obtain probably the most from your training simply by taking our top picks into account. Getting considered in the most significant elements of ankle and wrist weights, we have found some new and top adjustable ankle weights which will be simple on your spending budget while offering that additional resistance in the training. By the way, we need to proceed directly into the reviews and check out whether or not you may be happy to get your perfect match.

In the past ankle weights had been well-known with numerous sports pro’s and particularly basketball players searching to improve their vertical jump.

However today they are known as an ideal method to workout while performing daily tasks throughout the house while going out for walking and also are a great addition to the exercise routine.

In this post, we will review 5 best ankle weights you can purchase right now. Also, we will jump into more information about what choices are available on the market, what you ought to search for and a few of the common uses for the ankle weights.

What Are The Ankle Weights Used For?

The wonderful part about the ankle weights is that they are perfect to be used for a number of different reasons; right here are a number of them.

  • Toning The Muscles:

Ankle weights may be used to strengthen the muscle tissue. You can easily put on them throughout a cardio exercise or even cardiovascular exercise, and even throughout weight training so that it can give you an additional challenge.

  • Stretching:

Once again, ankle weights can be put to use to extend the muscle tissue. You could use these ankle weights in an effort to induce added gravity to stretch the muscles. Needless to say, stretching is essential in regards to doing exercises.

  • Endurance And Strength Training:

Obviously, wrist and ankle weights are additionally ideal for strength and endurance training. You can raise the weights, however lifting weights with more attached to the wrists or legs will boost the challenge and help in enriching your progression. Doing cardio or aerobic workouts while having wrist or ankle weights will help to boost endurance.

1. Wrist/ Ankle Weights for Men, Women, and Kids – Adjustable Weight for Hand, Arm & Leg

51BzAP55TBL._SY300_Nordic Lifting offers workout fanatics with first-class products, and also they have definitely completed that with these particular ankle weights. These items are designed to last a long time, they are flexible, and they absolutely can everything which you need wrist or ankle weights to perform.

The design and style of these ankle weights are excellent. To begin with, they are created with neoprene foam cushioning providing you with for added comfort and ease. This leads the Nordic Lifting Ankle weights to be comfortable and soft to put on. They will not chafe the legs, and even they will not result in discomfort possibly.

This neoprene foam is additionally ideal for extra wicking moisture and sweats away, something which is essential for comfort and ease. An additional superb aspect regarding these ankle weights lies in the fact that they are extremely long lasting that being as a result of the additional powerful neoprene foam.

They include more powerful Velcro straps which have a large pad to offer for a solid hold. All these ankle weights will not bounce or slip while you workout with them, which is why they are considered perfect for huge variety of the workouts.


  • They wick moisture away
  • They can double the wrist weights
  • This set comes with a carrying bag
  • This set is durable and extra-strong
  • The neoprene foam offers extra comfort and ease
  • The adjustable straps cause them to be great for women and men


  • A little bit bulky
  • They might not fit larger ankles or extra small wrists
Ankle/Wrist Weights (1 Pair, Two 1 lbs) for Women, Men and Kids - Fully Adjustable Weight for Arm, Hand & Leg - Best for Walking, Jogging, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Gym - (Sleek Grey) - 1 Year Warranty
  • ANKLE / WRIST WEIGHTS: With included Carry Bag - by Premium Fitness Equipment brand Nordic Lifting™
  • COMFORTABLE & DURABLE: Designed for comfort and durability with reinforced stitching and neoprene padding
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE & SAFE: Easily switch from ankle to wrist with a large Velcro pad - The weights even have a reflective trim which provides safety for outdoor use
  • A "MUST HAVE": For home workouts, walking, jogging, core training, Cross Training, aerobics, gym and many other fitness workouts
  • INCLUDED: 2x Ankle / Wrist Weights, 1x Carry Bag, Instructions Manual - With 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty for Defects

2. Nayoya 3 Pounds Adjustable Ankle Weights with Carry Pouch

71qYe30aOWL._SY355_Great aspect in regards to these ankle weights lies in the fact that they are easy to put on and easily adjusted. All you should do is just to adjust Velcro straps to fit the ankles snuggly, and then you are ready to go. This is simple to adjust straps help to make these ankle weights flexible and ideal for men and women at the same time.

This set of Nayoya Ankle Weights is created of super-durable materials that are flexible, soft, comfortable and will also stand up to the bustle of your fitness regimen. They are great for numerous types of workouts such as aerobic, cardio, CrossFit workouts, and some other kinds too.

We observed that these top ankle weights have a good value for their cost. They are available in at approximately 20 bucks and are long lasting, flexible and comfortable at the same time. These stuffs undoubtedly are not the waste of your money.


  • Quite flexible
  • Rugged and durable
  • Easily fit any size person virtually
  • Made with comfort and ease in mind
  • Add weight and support to any exercise program


  • Might not fit large people
  • Can be purchased in one weight of each 1.5 pounds
Nayoya 3 Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights Set with Carry Pouch
  • Set of two, 1.5 lb cuffs help strengthen and tone ankle/wrist muscles while improving movement. Great for seniors, kids and adults
  • EASY TO ADJUST: A ring closure and adjustable strap effortlessly adjusts to desired fit
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Securely fastens to provide comfort for walks, aerobics, and resistance training
  • ASSISTS IN REHABILITATION from ankle sprains by strengthening the ankle muscles
  • FEATURES: Sleek, premium quality neoprene design and soft moisture absorbing non abrasive material

3. Valeo Adjustable Wrist/ Ankle Weights

61tDM7iV8LL._SY355_Valeo presents a multi-functional product which you can use for both your ankles and your wrists. The dual strap closure protects the weight; therefore you will concentrate on your workout and get a better muscle tone.

Having a metal ring in the form of a D, straps are simple to close. It is an excellent item which you can wear at a fitness center or even whenever you are performing health and fitness workouts. You can very easily clean it with water and soap; therefore these wrist/ankle weights are appropriate for the most users. This set of Valeo Weights additionally arrives with a warranty; therefore, it is simple to get them replaced if anything does not go right.

In the wonderful world of health and fitness, there are a variety of products available on the marketplace to assist you to improve your fitness and shed unwanted weight; this is mind-boggling. Not all people are ready to spend money on their home fitness since this can be expensive. On the other hand, you will find numerous smaller sized fitness products on the market which can make lasting results and also take up very little to no room or space.

These Valeo Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Weights are the ideal item for your health and fitness requirements. I want to go deep into detail regarding this product so that you can choose by yourself in case you require these to get slimmer. This fitness product is extremely simple to use and also this is what attracts to the majority of the customers. Women and men as well can make use of this product.

This product wraps around your wrists or ankles simply and also you can adjust the contouring straps to your current size.

You would like the weights to fit snugly against the skin but not too tight so that they become hard to move and uncomfortable. In case the weights are very loose then you will pay your entire exercise focused on the irritation. These weights can easily be put on during any sort of strength training and cardio workout likewise. They take the cardio workout to the new level.


  • Very inexpensive
  • They are very simple to strap on
  • They are handy enough to put one anywhere you want
  • You can select the amount of the weights you desire, to begin with and also add remove as required


  • Some consumers complained that the weights were very big for the wrists and even didn’t fit properly
  • Again, there were some consumers who thought that they were too cumbersome to put on under pants
Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights - 5 lbs Total (2.5 lbs each), 1 Size Fits Most
  • Two 2.5 pound adjustable weights for your ankles or wrists
  • Self-gripping closure for easy removal of weight packs
  • With adjustable metal D-ring double-strap closure system for a comfortable fit
  • Padded for comfort

4. All Pro Ankle Weights (Adjustable)

8185ZEvXt5L._SY450_In case you are searching for the supreme flexibility in the ankle weights after that, All Pro Weight Ankle Weights may be the ideal option. All Pro Ankle Weights offer specific iron weights which can be taken out via the slots in the rear of ankle weight. By doing this, you can easily adjust the resistance for particular workouts to obtain probably the most from your exercise. Robust velcro straps can keep the ankle weights in position. The cover materials are a little bit more textured and rigid compared to some other adjustable ankle weights.

At approximately 40 bucks, the All Pro Ankle Weights are higher priced compared to every other ankle weight on our top list. Getting the adjustability is an advantage, however, we are not confident that this justifies having to pay greater than a third than some other ankle weights which were examined to be convenient.

All Pro Ankle Weights look solid and definitely are one of the most adjustable ankle weights on this top list. However, the weight adjustment is a dual edged sword. Due to the rigorous nature of iron weights, the All Pro Ankle Weights will not fit securely and snugly around the ankle as do the ankle weights without the capability for the weight adjustment. However, a less comfortable fit lead the ankle weight to maneuver more throughout workouts making discomfort on the leg and ankle more likely. And this is what we observed during our assessment. Due to this, we believe these are an excellent ankle weight for stationary workouts that not need quick and extended movements.


  • Safe stitching
  • Long lasting Velcro straps
  • You can easily adjust the weight


  • The weights have a tendency to rattle
  • You cannot tighten up the strap very much in case you have a thinner ankle
All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights, 10-lb pair (up to 5-lbs per ankle)
  • Cushioned flaps protect the ankles and permit full freedom of movement
  • 10-lb pair (5-lbs each) ankle weights
  • Weight adjustable up to 5-lbs per ankle in 1/2-lb increments - solid iron weights
  • Padding against the ankle and a padded heel to protect the Achilles tendon
  • Premium quality for fitness, health and wellness

5. Zensufu Wrist or Ankle Weights Set with Adjustable Strap

81zXKBizeKL._SX355_These are purchased as a pair. And this pair is sold with perfectly decorated black holding pouch. This is purchased one sized however the best part is that it easily fits all. Velcro straps can be purchased with the zensufu wrist weights.

Zensufu leg cuffs are particularly constructed to permit woman coaches to improve their training.

They are durable and rugged and are available in the form of fitting style which easily fits. These ankle weights are more comfortable, offering you with an easy and natural feel against your skin. The material is very long lasting so that you can be assured that they can last for a long period. The adjustable strap makes sure that you get a custom and tight fit.

The weights of the zensufu ankle or wrist weights with adjustable strap are not flexible. They are stitched inside. You may find it as a downside. Weights are cushioned here perfectly. Similar to the Valeo adjustable ankle/wrist weight, you can be unable to put it on under the shirt however it is more comfortable while you workout.


  • Quite comfortable
  • Includes adjustable strap
  • Manufactures from long-lasting fabric


  • No cons found for this product
Zensufu Ankle or Wrist Weights Pair Set with Adjustable Strap (5 LB)
  • Dark Grey - 10 lbs pair (5 lbs each)
  • Comes with a black travel pouch
  • Convenient for gym, exercise, fitness, walking, jogging, gymnastics, aerobics
  • Made with soft and durable fabric for exercise
  • Adjustable strap for great fit for your ankles or wrists


All the high-quality products remarked above are the top adjustable ankle weight available in the marketplace right now.

You can purchase one as well as find that whether it fits for you perfectly. If yes, Excellent! If not, then please find out what is the main problem and find the way on what ought to be done. I hope this post will help you to a great extent to choose the best ankle weight to meet your needs perfectly. I have reviewed the top 5 adjustable wrist/ankle weight that can be purchased at a low price. All the products are high quality and offer the best features.

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