Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell Review

Tone Fitness vinyl is a 15lb kettlebell which includes a grey and purple color scheme. This is a cement stuffed kettlebell which is coated in vinyl. It had been at first made for Russian Red Army troops, and superior sports athletes Sculpt by CAP Barbell. Barbell is a top provider and distributor of fitness tools which had been was founded in 1982 as the small supply of free benches and weights.

Since this has developed into a dependable exercise equipment brand that provides high-quality exercise products at competitive costs. They have approximately 600 products in ten different categories. Tone Fitness Kettlebell is one of the greatest items which CAP Barbell has made. This particular kettlebell is an excellent substitute for cast iron kettlebell.

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Tone Fitness Kettlebell is created of cement and is coated with vinyl for ground protection. This is made to assist you to improve your flexibility, build strength, build your stability and enhance your stamina.

This kettlebell is additionally designed for energy and stamina and may be utilized in several health and fitness exercises. The handle of the Tone Fitness Kettlebell is comfy, smooth and largely sufficient for the both of your hands to adjust in and is strengthened for sturdiness.

Tone Fitness Kettlebell is an excellent kettlebell because of its range of prices. This is an awesome kettlebell for newbie in kettlebell exercises. Tone Fitness kettlebell is a strong and firm kettlebell which has a large handle and which you may use with both of your hands. Still, this smooth handle can be slippery causing you to lose the grip.

This is a cement stuffed kettlebell with the vinyl covering; therefore, you do not need to be worried about destroying your ground in case you lose the kettlebell. Performing a few strenuous exercises making use of the Tone kettlebell vinyl could potentially cause blisters on both hands. The handles of the Tone kettlebell vinyl will not move because there is not any weight sloshing. This particular kettlebell is long lasting and small. It may be utilized for indoor exercises.

Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell, 15-Pound

Tone Fitness - Sports

$25.96 - $4.11 $21.85

Features Of This Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell:

  • It is easy to use and quite comfortable
  • It is less expensive compared to the cast iron weights
  • It includes a workout DVD and an instruction manual
  • It is cement stuffed, vinyl outside set of the kettlebell weights
  • It comes in15 pound weights having color coded fronts and handles


  • The vinyl layer helps to guard the floor against damage
  • It does not need any installation
  • It is an excellent alternative to the cast iron kettlebell considerably
  • The handle is comfortable and smooth


  • You may easily lose the grip while performing some workouts because the handle is too smooth
  • This is available only in 15lb, therefore, is not perfect for a person who desires to lift more weight

Some Additional Features Of This Fitness Kettlebell Vinyl:


  • Usefulness:

Kettlebell training is useful since it includes the advantages of muscular endurance, cardio conditioning, and muscle toning. This can result in improved power and strength, enhanced mobility and range of flexibility, weight loss, and also improved muscle mass.  There is none other solitary workout unit that provides most of these important things simultaneously.

  • Flexibility:

Whenever you move the kettlebell, eccentrically you load the muscle groups of your upper thighs. This may lead to a highly effective hip thrust action, which is fundamental to any or all types of athletic actions, such as kicking, squatting, jumping, and running. Additionally, it evolves a proper lower back.

  • Individuality:

The  design and style of this particular kettlebell, having its handle and ball arrangements, enables you to not just carry out conventional strength training movements, for example, the squat, snatch, clean and jerk, and press but additionally the moves which you cannot perform with conventional gear such as dumbbells,  juggling and swings moves.

  • Effective:

Kettlebell exercise is not just quite effective; this can also be quite a time effective. This includes the advantages of aerobic and anaerobic training, strength training, along with mobility and flexibility training. No more you need to change from weight lifting to cardio exercise. With the kettlebells, you are carrying them out both simultaneously.

  • Athletic:

Kettlebell exercise is as well athletic exercise. It is going to train you to move like an athlete. You will build stamina, endurance, coordination, agility, and balance. While doing so, you are going to build your skills throughout an entire range of endeavors for sports.

Customer Review:

Tone Fitness Kettlebell Vinyl is one of the best fitness equipment you can use. This is the leading fitness gear in the marketplace. It has scored 3 stars out of 5 stars in Amazon due to its best features and overall performance. It helps largely to your workout sessions. Many satisfied users of this product have left so many positive feedbacks for this product that are really amazing.


Tone Fitness Kettlebell Vinyl comes at a low price. I think it might cost a little bit high as it offers so many best features and overall performance that make it unique one. However, I thank the manufacturer of this product for allowing this to be purchased at a cheap rate.

Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell, 15-Pound
  • The 15lb kettlebell comes in a stylish purple and gray
  • Vinyl covered, cement filled kettlebells offers an economical choice over the traditional cast iron kettlebells
  • Exercise chart included to provide additional instruction to complement your workout
  • A 15lb kettlebell is perfect for strength training exercises


In case are you are a new comer to weight training or resistance training and want an inexpensive solution to begin then that is a great choice. Without having to want to sound sexist, it seems this set continues to be made with women trainers as the primary goal, judging by promotional materials and also the appearance of weights.

This kettlebell is popular for all those who are looking for a unique edge in endurance and strength. Kettlebell training grows balance, endurance, power, and strength. Doing exercises with kettlebells is going to shape and also tone the body since controlling and lifting the kettlebell forces the body, and particularly the core, just to contract like a group, developing both stability and strength at the same time.

I hope this post has helped you greatly to learn more about this product. If you think that I have missed to point out something important, then please use the comment box below to share your opinion and let me know about them. I will try my best to read them out and reply as soon as possible. You can also share this post with your friends to help them learn about the benefits and other features of this product so that they can get into the shape and enjoy different enhancing workouts.

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