suavecito pomade review

Suavecito Pomade Review

Suavecito.. the most overrated pomade product on the market. Some might even say that using this product might make you “basic”. Basic or not, this product does have some value, and no one knows what kind of product you’re using anyway once it’s applied to your hair.

When I first got into hair products and different kinds of pomades, Suavecito Firm Hold is the one that was recommended to me by all of my friends, and I can’t blame them. Continue reading for my review of Suavecito Firm Hold!

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Upon opening the container, the first thing that I noticed was that this pomade is more of a gel rather than a pomade. The way it feels just doesn’t scream pomade to me. It has a deep amber color with a rich cologne-like smell. Personally, I hate the smell, but I’ve heard of other people preferring the smell over something like LayRite Super Hold. But just because I don’t like the smell, doesn’t mean I don’t find value in this product.

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In terms of application, this product needs to be applied to semi-wet or dry hair. This product is VERY water-soluble, meaning that to get the desired effect of a strong hold, you have to apply it to almost dry/dry hair. The only issue with this method is that because this product is basically a gel, you will get that crunchy feel. Not a big issue, but something to keep in mind if you’re considering this product.

Another thing to note: this product does add a little bit of shine to your hair so keep that in mind as well.

Long Lasting Hold

If a product requires me to apply to my hair more than once per day, then that product does not bring any value to me. For example, if I’m out clubbing and my hair starts to lose hold, that’s how I know that product is crap. I need something that lasts all day and you probably do too.

Thankfully, Suavecito does not have that issue. This may be because of it’s gel-like qualities, but it sure does pass the long lasting hold test. Once I applied Suavecito to my hair in the morning for work, I was able to go to dinner with my date and go bar hopping, all while my hair stayed pristine and well-groomed.

How Strong is the Hold

Suavecito holds as much as you need to for certain types of hairs. If you have very thick hair, you most likely will have to use a lot of the product to get the hold that you want. Take that into consideration with how much the product is and how long the 4 oz tub will last you.

If the hold is not enough for you, I do recommend that you try LayRite Super Hold as that is the pomade that I learned to lean on when I’m in times of need.

If you need to wash out the product, it’s very simple. Because of how water-soluble this pomade is, all you need to do is wash it out with water. Extremely simple and easy to do.

Features and Specifications:

  • Uniquely Scented and Water-soluble.
  • 4 Oz.
  • Combs in with ease.
  • Washes out easy.
  • Moderate Shine.
  • Dries with Maximum Hardness.
  • Low price point

Pros & Cons

Now that we have the features and specifications listed, I can go ahead and give you what I thought were the pros and cons of Suavecito


When it comes to the pros of this pomade, the best thing about this product is the price point. At such a low price point, this product is perfect as an entry level pomade for the young stylist. The price point coupled with how strong the hold is makes this product a very valuable, budget pomade. Not to mention how long it lasts, I know many people that will find a lot of value. Lastly, this product is water-soluble, which means washing out your hair at the end of the day is a breeze.


Now that we have the good out of the way, it’s time to really critique this product.

Is it a good product? Yes. Will I ever buy it again? No, probably not. Not because the product is bad, but because I’ve moved on to bigger and better pomades that I find more value in. Suavecito does all the right things: low price point, good quality product, strong hold, long lasting hold, and good amount in each tub (4 oz), but it’s not the best at any of these categories. If I want to find a stronger hold, I can. If I wanted a better quality product, I can find it. The only thing that it has it going for it is the price point, which is extremely good for the type of product you are getting. However, if you’re already experienced in grooming, then this might be a product that you skip. The fact that it is so cheap means that it’s has a low barrier-to-entry and this product is recommended for the people that are new to the men’s grooming world.

Another thing that bothers me when you sweat after application, the sweat and the product mixed made me break out. It also caused some irritation on my scalp. Something you might consider as many of my friends did not report this to me. Some swear by this product.


This is situational for me. If this is the first time you’re experimenting with different pomades and styles of your hair, then yes, I would recommend this. Just because it’s such a low barrier-to-entry for hair products because of it’s price point and the quality that you get.

Suavecito Firme Hold receives a 3/5.

If you’ve been in the men’s grooming game for quite some time now, I would suggest a different product such as LayRite Super Hold if you’re looking for a similar product, or the Mister Pompadour Natural Beeswax Paste if you’re looking for the matte look. I have included all 3 links below for easy clicking!

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