Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder Review

Orgain happens to be an organic protein powder that makes use of plant-dependent products to offer a premium quality blend of protein, minerals, and vitamins.

Orgain offers a few different products, which includes a fundamental protein powder and also pre-made beverages and shakes for kids. In contrast to the majority of protein powders, the Orgain gets its protein from the plant-dependent materials such as hemp and brown rice.

In the end, the aim with the Orgain was to make a healthy and balanced shake which anybody can sip on the run. It is manufactured to support a fast paced lifestyle at the same time trying to keep you healthy and balanced and supplying your body the vitamins and minerals it requires.

This Orgain Organic Powder has pea and chia protein as being the main substances. It is free from animal and dairy derivatives, and even it does not include biologically modified organisms, gluten, soy, whey, or sugar.

The producer of this product advises to blend Orgain protein powder with coconut or almond, banana, and milk. As outlined by the evaluations, a formula without whey and soy is among the benefits of the Orgain organic protein powder.

Some consumers have stated this protein powder is nutritious and filling. Other people criticize this Orgain organic plant dependent protein due to the difficulty dissolving, taste, and smell.

For me personally, I drink this Orgain protein powder daily, and even I do not have any problem with this whatsoever! I love it absolutely! In my opinion, it is perfect with almond milk.

Features Of This Protein Powder:

  • It includes 1 organic plant dependent Bean (Sweet Vanilla) Protein Powder
  • This is perfect for healthy and balanced, on-the-go nutrition for busy individuals, students, athletes and moms
  • Other substances are 150 Calories, 3-g Carbs, 5-g Natural Fiber, and 21-g Organic Plant Dependent Protein per Serving
  • This protein powder is Soy Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, and Gluten Free
  • This is certified by USDA


  • Among the main benefits, the Orgain Organic Protein Powder is composed of natural substances and does not have any synthetic formula
  • Now this product is simple to buy and widely available
  • It comes in two different flavors, sweet vanilla bean, and creamy chocolate fudge
  • All the ingredients don’t have biologically modified products and even are certified by USDA Organic


  • Not everybody might buy the whole plant-dependent protein products
  • It may lack important nutrients seen in chicken breast
  • It comes only in two flavors

Some Additional Features Of This Unique Product:


In case you are trying to get your exercise to a higher level, then probably you need some aid from a natural protein powder without any difficulty. With the amount of protein powders available on the marketplace, which one to buy? Most people believe that most of the protein powders tend to be the same basically. This could not be more completely wrong. A few are completely natural at the same time; others are loaded with awful substances which will lead you to more harm instead of the good.

Think about the Orgain Organic Protein Powder? Can this be a great supply of protein for getting ripped? Discover everything which you should learn about this particular protein powder particularly in this review on the Orgain Organic Protein Powder. Continue reading to learn more and to get the best idea.

  • Ingredients:

A very important factor you should focus on before purchasing any kind of protein powder is just to take a look at the ingredients. Try to find out what the important ingredients of the Orgain Protein Powder appear to be?

  • Ingredients: – Orgain Protein Powder Vanilla Bean:

Orgain Organic Protein Mixture (natural brown rice, natural chia seed, natural hemp protein, natural pea protein), natural sunflower oil, natural erythritol, natural rice dextrins, natural cocoa, natural arabic or/and natural acacia gum, natural inulin, natural flavors, xanthan gum, natural guar gum, natural extract of rice bran, natural stevia, sea salt, rosemary extract and monkfruit.

  • Ingredients: – Creamy Chocolate Orgain Protein Powder:

Natural rice dextrins, natural cocoa, natural arabic or/and natural acacia gum, natural inulin, natural natural flavors, xanthan gum, natural guar gum, natural extract of rice bran, natural stevia, sea salt, rosemary extract and monkfruit, orgain organic Protein Mixture (natural brown rice protein, natural chia seed, natural hemp protein, natural pea protein), natural sunflower oil, natural erythritol.

  • Sizes and Flavors:

So do you know the exact flavors that the Orgain organic plant-dependent protein powder gives you? At this point, there are 2 flavors only which are;

  1. Creamy Chocolate Fudge
  2. Vanilla Bean

There are two sizes you can select from. So, they tend to be 2.03 and also 2.74 pounds. Wow! How they can be very similar in the size. I will love to see the sizes for example, one and three pounds or comparable. Well, I guess.

  • Effects on the body:

You can use this product in a number of beverages to help us refresh our entire body using more than 21 types of minerals and proteins.

The product is mostly employed by individuals who want to get their bodyweight down, or perhaps want to maintain it because of its low calories and low carbohydrates organic sweetening substances.

Customer Review:

This most beneficial protein powder has gained 4.3 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon due to its great and healthy impact on the body. Many real users of this product have left so many positive reviews for this. Without any doubt, this is the best protein powder available in the marketplace.


This Orgain organic plant-based protein powder comes at a low price compared to some other not-so-good protein powders. As you have learned about the ingredients, it includes, the price seems quite low compared to its all the beneficial and organic ingredients. So, don’t think about the price and get this right now.

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, Vanilla Bean, 2.03 Pound, 1 Count, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Packaging May Vary
  • Includes 1 (2.03lb) Organic Plant Based Sweet Vanilla Bean Protein Power
  • Ideal for healthy, on-the-go nourishment for busy professionals, moms, athletes and students
  • 21g Organic Plant Based Protein, 5g Organic Fiber, 5g Net Carbs, 150 Calories per Serving
  • Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy Free
  • USDA Organic


You will get dozens of excellent protein powder suppliers available today. Nevertheless, Orgain has created an exceptional niche for it as a premium quality supplier of the organic protein. It is one of the rare manufacturers to provide vegan protein making use of a plant-depended blend of brown rice and hemp, even though you may also purchase whey protein blends.

Each and every Orgain product includes a rich blend of minerals and vitamins. You will get shakes for the vegans, shakes for the bodybuilders, shakes for the adults, and shakes for the kids. Whether or not you are attempting to build muscle mass or even just attempting to keep your children healthy and balanced, Orgain offers a wide collection of premium quality products which surpass their popularity of being organic, delicious, and healthy.

Needless to say, this Orgain organic plant-based protein powder is the best thing you need and are looking for. Please use the comment box below to share your opinion about this product. I will be happy to read them and will also try my best to reply.

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