Musclepharm Combat Protein Powder Review

Muscle Pharm has been creating and bringing in numerous superior sports supplements in the marketplace since the last couple of years. Muscle Pharm aims to boost the strength, health, and performance of their consumers using the unique products they develop.

Apart from that, they haven’t utilized any kind of prohibited material in their particular products since the first day. Muscle Pharm is a reliable company, and it has gained many good ratings and reviews from their users. They promise to keep consumers pleased with almost all the excellent dietary supplements formulated by them.

This Muscle Pharm Powder is a combination of 5 protein powder (and mi-cellar casein, egg albumen, hydrolysate, isolate, and whey protein concentrate) which offers 25 grams of state-of-the-art protein to fulfill the recovery requirements of sports athletes and helps you to develop lean body mass at the same time. Combat Powder arrives with a range of protein mix which digests for approximately 8 hours.

Quick absorbing proteins, for example, hydroslate, concentrate and whey protein isolate quickly powers the muscle tissue with the amino acids. Also, egg albumin is a moderate digesting protein which helps in the creation hormone and the development of muscle. Casein is a slower digesting protein providing you with amino acids muscle tissues inside a few of hrs. The mixture of various kinds of protein tends to make this particular Combat Powder from Muscle Pharm one of the top dietary supplements on the marketplace these days.

Main Features Of This Product:

It is obvious that MusclePharm has created an additional risk-free and efficient product offered to the general public. 100% Combat Whey is lower in carbohydrates, fats, and calories while additionally being over loaded with the top quality proteins as possible.

  • It is produced from quick release amino acids which speed up protein synthesis in the muscles.
  • Research demonstrated this particular Whey protein powder decreases possible muscle break down
  • Helps to support healthy and proper muscle recovery
  • Muscle Pharm is strongly insisted on producing their protein casein-free and gluten-free
  • Each portion of this Combat, 100% Whey, offers 25 grams of greater quality protein
  • Includes just 1 gram sugar and 1 gram fat

People who might advantage probably the most getting the product particularly, ought to be searching for quickly digested protein powder made up of the top quality substances, to aid recovery and muscle gain.

Additional Features Of This Product:

As previously pointed out, MusclePharm Combat Powder is made up of 5 different types of necessary protein. Among these are the proteins which are made to get into effect immediately after they are consumed, and a few which enter into force over a longer time. The results on your body whenever consuming this particular protein powder contain suppressing carvings to promote weight reduction, growing energy to support more effective workout programs, and supporting the creation of the amino acids in your body to improve your recovery rate.

The mixture of slow and fast performing healthy proteins is the primary function which differentiates this Combat powder from other similar supplements available on the marketplace. Typically, these proteins might be divided into individual dietary supplements, with consumers being forced to purchase several different protein powders to attain the similar results as this powder package.

On the other hand, all these encompassing makeup of nutrients and supplements are found in this Combat Powder which makes it perfect for customers who else want a wide range of advantages while not having to invest a lot of money on a number of different pills and powders.


When compared with some other well-known whey-dependent protein supplements available on the marketplace, Combat Powder offers a good value for your money.

For 25 grams powder, you can get to pay for considerably lower than 30 gram or 24-gram bottles of the competing powders; in some instances, only 1/2 as much as the price of these protein powders. This leads Combat powder to be a great starting supplement for all those simply beginning to test out dietary supplements, and also the bodybuilder on a tight budget.

Nutrient Stack:

The perfect combinations of the ingredients discovered in this product are varied than the competing brands, having 5 different kinds of necessary protein and extra branch chain amino acids. All these chemical substances function together to provide amazing outcomes, mixing typical substances from post-workout and pre-workout health supplements. In addition, this particular protein powder is totally free from gluten, an advantage which cannot be explained for the competing whey-centered workout supplements.

A very important factor is that Muscle Pharm Combat Powder does not consist of, however, is Creatine, a typical muscle building supplement utilized to improve lean muscle. Because of this, weight lifters might nevertheless desire to supplement their particular nutrient stack with extra powders.


This Combat Powder is available in 6 different flavors: Banana Cream, Triple Berry, Cream and Cookies, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Milk, and Vanilla. While made to be combined with water, it is additionally possible to combine the protein powder with the milk so that you can have a heavier shake.

Vanilla and Chocolate Milk are the well-received and most popular flavors, with Cream and Cookies being the least famous because of its too much sweetness. All these different flavors vary in the taste from the other health supplement powders, for example, whey protein and casein; therefore consumers acquainted with one flavor might not be pleased with a similar flavor in this Combat Powder.



Now, let me break the ingredients of this supplement down in this formula:

  • 1.5 gram, Total Fat:

We expect the protein powder dietary supplements to be usually lower in fat, and Muscle Pharm Protein powder is not different. It has only 1.5 grams fat for per serving and on top of that, does not have any “Trans fat”.

  • 80 milligram, Cholesterol:

With the large amount of ingredients, you would think this health product is packed with a lot of cholesterol (though not all the cholesterol is detrimental). The producer did a reputable work in maintaining the levels of cholesterol to a potential degree. Although other MyProtein Impact Protein (o milligram) and Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey (30 milligrams) have lower levels of cholesterol, this Muscle Pharm Combat Powder is not harmful to someone’s overall levels of fitness.

  • 150 milligram, Sodium:

Individuals often stay away from sodium. You require a certain quantity of sodium to assist your muscle tissue recover, that is why protein powder producers incorporate this ingredient ( seek advice from your physician first of all in case you require to see your sodium consumption ). In terms of Muscle Pharm Combat Powder, it offers more sodium compared to most of the products of its category (with the exclusion of Nature’s Best IsoPure that has more). Based on a few big named websites, this particular product might have a minimum of 200 milligrams of sodium for per serving.

  • 200 milligram, Potassium:

One appealing advantage of potassium is the capability to assist recovers exhausted glycogen stores following a brutal exercise. With 200 milligrams of potassium for per serving, this Muscle Pharm Protein Powder can be that task.

  • 5 gram, Total Carbohydrates:

We additionally anticipate producers to keep this particular macronutrient to a specified limitation for protein powder dietary supplements (unless you choose a weight gainer). 5 grams carbs for per serving is not the cheapest in the market; however, it is nothing for crowing about in case you want to create lean muscle mass.

What We Liked:

  • It tastes great
  • It is free from gluten
  • It has easy absorption
  • It comes at a low price
  • It is higher in protein content
  • It is low in the carbohydrate content
  • It will last for approximately 8 hours
  • It helps to gain muscle and offer fast recovery
  • It has outstanding reviews from the customers
  • It is a blend of slow, medium and fast digestive proteins

What We Disliked:

  • It includes many allergens
  • The 2 lbs tub is not a good investment

Customer Feedback:

This health supplement can be useful for anyone who wishes to develop a few lean body mass. I will suggest this product to you in case you are a person who also often gets hungry in the midst of the night. Having 1 scoop of the MusclePharm Powder before going to bed can assist to resolve this issue since it assists to keep you full during the night time.

Like some other protein dietary supplement, this Muscle Pharm Powder can additionally be utilized for post workout, soon after you get up and between the meals. Casein is similarly as necessary as whey, therefore, including this in your diet plan will assist you to recover quicker and develop much more muscular mass.


This MusclePharm Combat Powder Protein is excellent since it is effective because of both Casein and Whey Protein supplement. Rather of purchasing 2 different dietary supplements, you can save a great deal of money just by purchasing one of it.

It functions perfectly being a post-exercise health supplement to give you a few quick digesting proteins for quick muscle recovery. Additionally, you can use it just before going to the bed since the slow digestive proteins will help you keep 100% throughout the night while gradually serving your muscles at the same time.

Here Are Some Important Things You Should Know:

  • It includes extra Glutamine – that is an amino acid which is used in the protein biosynthesis extensively.
  • Supplementing the Glutamine with protein health supplement is a good way to improve the effectiveness – enhancing recovery, muscle growth, and development.
  • Additionally, it consists of an extra BCAA Blend. You are currently getting a good dosage of the Branched Proteins out of your protein powder alone – and right now you are getting a great deal larger increase! This can make the product very effective for expert weight lifters and sports athletes, and also superior tier gym goers. Still, this will not be great casuals or beginners since it will give all of them with increased BCAAs than they require or even can use throughout the training.
  • This product additionally consists of other sorts of amino acids, such as Methionine, Cystine, Tyrosine, Glycine, and so forth – replenishing just about anything that you require right after a challenging workout.

Last but not least, this unique protein shake consists of an Enzyme Combination (Lactase, Protease), which help in the digestive function and the breakdown of numerous amino acids for quicker and more effective absorption. This entire “mixed” make this unique supplement a force to be easily reckoned with.

Who Can Take It?

Based on the producer, Muscle Pharm Combat Powder is 25 grams of top-quality protein in a delicious, simple to blend protein shake, developed for active people and athletes.

We can say that this protein is definitely of top quality. With a hugely touted mix of casein protein, egg, and whey active people and athletes are guaranteed to take advantage of the product.

Are There Any Side Effects Of This Product?

Whey protein concentrate includes some lactose. However, individuals who are lactose intolerant ought to look for the guidance of their doctor before they buy this product.
Individuals who are seeing their sodium consumption could also want to talk with their physician in advance because every portion of Muscle Pharm Combat Powder has around 150 milligrams of sodium.

Apart from these, the producer reminds us this product is intended being a health supplement and not a main source of nourishment.

MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder - Essential blend of Whey, Isolate, Casein and Egg Protein with BCAA's and Glutamine for Recovery, Chocolate Milk, 4 Pound, 52 Servings
  • 25Gs OF PROTEIN containing 5 PROTEIN SOURCES that are fast and slow digesting to fuel muscles and performance for hours! With added BCAAs, GLUTAMINE, & DIGESTIVE ENZYMES
  • AWARD WINNING TASTE that mixes easily and goes great with water, milk, almond milk, fruits, and vegetables.
  • BANNED-SUBSTANCE TESTED and certified by Informed-Choice. Athletes who see the Informed-Choice logo on a product can be assured it has undergone rigorous checks and testing to ensure that it is not contaminated with banned substances and is safe to use.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE All MusclePharm sales by are backed by a 30-Day, Full Money Back Guarantee.
  • UNIVERSITY STUDIED FORMULA created for athletes seeking to optimize recovery, build muscle, and support strength


Last but not least, the Muscle Pharm Combat Powder Protein is an outstanding health supplement providing you with almost all the required proteins our body requires to aid muscle recovery and development.

I wish you loved my post on the MusclePharm Combat Powder Review – Best Casein and Whey Blend. Make sure you take a moment to comment down the page in case you have any queries regarding my review post and be sure that I will make contact with you as quickly as possible. Thanks a lot.

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