Maxi Climber Vertical Climber Review

In case you want to trim and tone then you need strength and cardio training. There is a lot of gear available on the market which will accomplish the goal, but imagine if you have limited time and limited space? The Maxi Climber is a simple choice to keep fit on the run. It provides you a cardio exercise and even tones your muscles.

This Maxi Climber works on your lower and upper body while you move as if you are rock climbing. As a result of a mixture of muscle groups included it truly is a full body exercise. Even though many types of equipment give token work to biceps and triceps while getting the legs perform the majority of the task, Maxi Climber works on the arms. How effectively will it function? All of us thought about this and discovered everything you have to know to determine if this is the equipment you have to have.

What Is the Maxi Climber?

This is a unit which is made to replicate the genuine rock climbing actions of your body. This not simply assists you in reducing your weight, but also it helps in toning the body and getting you back in the shape in minimum time frame. As the name indicates, this is a vertical climbing device which helps in burning up a large amount of calories from fat in a limited time frame (compared to conventional devices such as bikes and treadmills) by forcing the person to imitate the motion of climbing up a steep mountain or even a tall wall face.

Since you are conscious (or often will guess), climbing a steep mountain up needs a great deal of power and carrying this out on a normal base not just assists you to shed unwanted weight but additionally improves your cardiovascular limit and tones the body from the head to toe.

Main Features Of This Product:

  • Its isometric and nonstick grips will not slip and even are perfect for any hand size.
  • Its height is easily adjustable which makes it helpful to a broad range of people who are intended to get in shape back.
  • It has a personal workout timer which allows you learn when you began and stopped.
  • The cold-rolled steel can endure the most challenging workouts easily.
  • It has a folding design which helps it to be compact enough so that you can store it in tight places.

Additional Features Of This Product:

The following is a list of a number of the additional features of this Maxi Climber.

  • Adjustable Design:

The best thing concerning this exercise product is that it is totally adjustable. This gear ergonomically has been created for all sorts of the body, and you can simply adjust the height. It is about with grips (isometric nonstick) which imply you can feel totally relaxed while doing exercises on this particular climber, in contrast to a few other gears which may give you a burning feeling, especially on the palms of the hands.

You can simply increase its height which indicates it may be employed by everybody in your family that is of sufficient age to soundly carry out a fitness plan.

  • Excellent Exercise:

This is suggested to at first make use of this vertical climber for around 10 -15 minutes, 3 days each week, developing from there as needed. In case you keep utilizing this particular climber as suggested, you will be impressed by the outcomes. This Maxi Climber works on your legs quite efficiently on condition that you continue to keep a great posture. It provides you a powerful, complete body exercise which not just engages your lower and upper body but at the same time improves the main muscle groups.

Additionally, it will not force any joints in your body. This is stated that utilizing this vertical climber for approximately 1 hr will burn off approximately 500 calories from fat. Having said that, do not expect to accomplish an hour’s exercise in the 1st couple of weeks. It is going to probably need you a few months to build approximately a 1 hr session unless you are beginning from a level of good health and fitness.

In conclusion, a workout offers a complete body exercise which includes weight resistance, aerobic exercise, and muscle toning.

  • Simple to Store:

It is simple to fold this climber and keep this in your wardrobe or even below the bed. This weighs in at 33 pounds and also has dimensions of 57-in x 10-in x 6-in that is 144 x 25 x 15cm). It is 90% pre-assembled additionally and is consequently very simple to put together.

  • Digital Timer:

This Maxi Climber arrives with a digital timer which automatically starts as soon as the user starts working out and stops as soon as the user comes to an end, very easily permit you to monitor your exercise on this climber. All of us understand the sense of realizing a couple of minutes very late that we have overlooked to start off the clock, which means this is a little but excellent feature.

  • High quality:

A number of users have explained the material of this product to be cheap looking, but for the affordable cost, you can just expect a lot. I was then more worried about the functionality and durability of this machine. It supports effectively, even for the heavier users. This is manufactured for users as much as 240 pounds but the users as much as 300 pounds have claimed that this climber is working perfectly for them.

Things To Consider Before You Purchase Maxi Climber Vertical Climber:


Buying your own exercise equipment for an indoor gym might give you much more inspiration to keep going with your health and fitness commitments. For a bigger up-front commitment economically, you may have devices which will last for a long time compared to the repeating month-to-month cost of a fitness center a membership. Buying your own maxi climber provides you day-to-day entry to a full-body exercise that may give you a far healthier body.

This maxi climber is perfect for people who currently have some knowledge of health and fitness. This particular piece of gear provides a powerful full-body exercise which is easier on the joints compared to walking or jogging on the treadmill. In-shape and experienced people might be in a position to carry out a 30-minute exercise on this maxi climber without any difficulty.

All key groups of muscles are engaged, providing you a full body exercise without needing extra weights. Having a maxi climber, you can focus on toning your triceps, biceps, core strength, thigh muscles, and glutes at the same time, only using your bodyweight as the resistance.

Due to the extreme and complete body exercise which a maxi climber provides, you will burn off much more calories from fat than you might on a stationary exercise bike or treadmill. Based on your intensity level, this is possible to burn as much as 20 calories from fat for every minute you invest in doing exercises. Maxi Climber reviews will also be fast to indicate that it will significantly improve your aerobic capacity.

For individuals who are simply engaging in the plan of visiting the fitness center, they may require to scale their exercises back with this device. It is going to be a lot more intensive compared to investing a 30-minute on the treadmill.

Just before you go to the store to buy your maxi vertical climber, there are a couple of important things you might want to think about:

  • Space At Your Home:

Do you have enough space in your home, residence, or even garage area to keep the maxi climber device? As the maxi climber is fairly compact and very easily can be kept for easy storage (we will learn more about this in-depth soon), it still needs space to unfold.

  • The Weight Capacity:

This maxi climber weight limit is 240 pounds. In case you weigh greater than this presently, you might want to think about buying a stair-stepper having a greater weight capacity or perhaps a treadmill in case your joints can allow it.

  • Simple Setup:

Coming out of this box, Maxi Climber is fairly compact. This weighs in at just 34 pounds, which makes it simple to unwrap from the packaging. When it is unfolded to the full capacity, it will take approximately 24-in x 36-in with an optimum height of 84-in (24-in x 36-in x 84-in). It can fold up even more compact (and also will be folded in the box while it comes) so that it could be stored in a closet when it is not being used.

This device comes out of the box completely all set to go, helping you save from the headache of waiting for your neighbor or uncle to come and help you figure out it. Belonging to the day the device arrives at your house, you have no reason because of not starting your new exercise routine instantly.

Within 20 minutes of opening the package up, you ought to be all set to climb onto right your new maxi climber and be prepared to sweat. I like how fast and simple this is to begin and not have to worry over whether you skipped a bolt ahead of an energetic exercise.


  • Comfort And Ease:

There is no debate that any max climber device will be uncomfortable after prolonged times of use, particularly for the users not used to them. However, the max climber machine has been manufactured with the comfort and ease of the user in mind. It includes ergonomic rubber grips which are simple to hold despite if you have begun dripping sweat. Its foot pedals are thinner compared to some of the competitive climbers who will get uncomfortable right after a prolonged period of the workout. On the other hand, these pedals imitate climbing far better compared to other climbers; therefore, it is an advantage. On top of that, you should not be climbing for prolonged time frames. These devices are more effective when performing cyclical workout which is, getting on climber for a couple of minutes, having a quick rest, coming back on the climber, and again repeating this cycle.

  • Silent Exercises:

This Maxi vertical climber works silently so that you can exercise and also leave others with you in peacefulness. Do you have an infant that must deep sleep but you nevertheless have to exercise? Possibly your bunkmate stayed out very late and is yet asleep at 3 in the afternoon? This Maxi Climber is silent enough which you could exercise and not be worried about troubling the individuals close to you.

A better choice, it is silent enough which you may watch TV when you exercise. In case you are like me, you like the distraction when you are working a sweat up. It is an easy way to get caught up with your favorite TV shows and enhance your health and fitness at the same time. Not to say, watching TV when you exercise will also help you keep an eye on the time.

This machine also has a built-in timer that will help you monitor your active exercise minutes.

  • Long Lasting Steel Construction:

This Maxi Climber is created mainly from long lasting cold-rolled stainless steel rather of plastic material or even a lighter in weight metal. The high-quality materials utilized to produce the foundation of this model implies that it will keep going longer compared to a few of its more inexpensively manufactured alternatives. Cold-rolled metal ought to be in a position to stand around your strenuous movements.


As the device is made to replicate the natural movement of the rock climbing, it is probably that your intensive exercises will be quite tough on the gear. In the end, you need to be moving quite rapidly to burn off as much as 600 calories from fat in 1 hour. The device has a tendency to slip around a little bit when your exercises get to a greater intensity, therefore you will have to ensure that you clean some additional space out from close to the device before you decide to start moving.

You may also very easily modify the height of this Maxi Climber in an attempt to support your type of body. Are you little on short or even tall side of the average, as I am? Just modify the height of handlebars, and then you can keep on going with a secure and far batter workout.

Not to forget when talking about the structure of this particular maxi climber are isometric non-stick grips. They permit you to hold the device easily, even if the majority of handles might start to be slip with sweat. The Isometric handgrips also have been tested to assist reduce your blood pressure, still another excellent health advantage from this machine.

  • Low Price:

In comparison with some other vertical climbers, this Maxi Climber device provides fairly affordable prices. Arriving at below 200 bucks, this Maxi Climber definitely will help you get more physically in shape on a tight budget. I dislike the concept of a repeating month-to-month membership at a gym. At the end of the year, what do you have to come with for those 50 bucks per month cost?

For the price of 4 months at that price, you can have your Maxi Climber, workout wherever and whenever you want to, and save time from going to the fitness center and coming back. This particular definitely can make it convenient and far easier to agree to improve your health and fitness rapidly.

Some other vertical climbers may come in considerably greater than $200 with costs getting into the thousands. On the other hand, for the cost, you obtain an easy space saving, assembled and durable device that can modify for your type of body and height. You get a complete body exercise which does not need any extra items or equipment. I believe, that makes this device an absolute win.

  • Guarantee:

It goes without having said that you require some kind of safety if this climber becomes damaged. The labor and parts warranty is 12 months, but there are a couple of manufacturers which only provide a 2 month extended warranty that is definitely very short.

Customer Feedback:

In no way disregard the thoughts of existing and former customers. The greater feedbacks on websites like Amazon, the better as much as coming up with a buying decision. For example, MaxiClimber has more than 800 feedback and reviews, and many of them are very positive. Make an effort to narrow down your lookup to the vertical climbers with more than 100 reviews and a 4-star average.


  • It is simple to fold it up so that you can quickly store it.
  • The simple & user-friendly design makes your work out easy.
  • The compact design allows it to be simple to store at any place.
  • It is effortless to setup so that you can start immediately to use using it.
  • Its adjustable height implies that several people in your family can use it easily.
  • It is light in weight meaning that you can put it away or move it to another space to workout effortlessly.
  • Strength and Full body cardio workout indicate you do not need to purchase highly-priced equipment.


  • Its construction is not up to the level of sturdiness.
  • You may need to order non-standard battery replacement on the internet if your nearby store cannot provide it.
  • It makes use of body weight so that it can tone the muscles, but the truth is, you will not be able to come up with large muscles.

Why Should You Buy A Maxi Climber?

Only by using the bodyweight, this particular device will give you a complete body exercise with no additional stress on your lower joints of the body. Additionally, it provides you a more effective cardio exercise than either a treadmill or a stationary bike. One hour exercise on this Maxi Climber burnt off about 500 calories. Alternatively, riding a fitness bike for the similar period of time at the speed of 10.5 MPH using moderate resistance simply burns up about 330 calories. Jogging on a treadmill at the speed of 3 mph having 1.5% incline can burn about 250 calories, half that of Maxi Climber.

MaxiClimber - The original patented Vertical Climber, "As Seen On TV" - Full Body Workout with BONUS Fitness App for Apple and Android
  • Versatile and easy-to-use climber that works for all fitness levels, with BONUS companion Fitness App.
  • Full-body workout, combines calorie burning cardio with muscle toning in one simple step.
  • Low impact workout, easy on the knees and ankles.
  • Saves time - No need to drive to the gym and use several machines.
  • Easy to set up, lightweight and height adjustable. Comes 90% pre-assembled, ready to use in minutes. And compact folding for an easy storage.


On the whole, we found that Maxi Climber is a highly inexpensive piece of exercise equipment which lets you to carry out cardio workouts and also toning muscles in the comfort of your home. It permits you to activate your core, upper body and lower body muscle at the same time. Also, it is far more powerful in comparison to other exercise equipment, for example, typical choices including exercise bikes and treadmills. Exercising on a treadmill for approximately 60 minutes makes it easy to burn off close to 250 calories on the average, while you can burn approximately 500 calories by exercising on this maxi climber at the same time.

I’m amazed at the quality and heft of the pieces. My only observation which provides it fewer than 100% positive lies in the fact, while you cannot find any danger from it tipping over; this is not 100% steady by that I mean “motionless” on the carpet. It requires a solid floor; however, it will yet work on the carpet although. It is completely flexible; the height of upper handles can easily be lowered or raised, although you cannot find any resistance setting however for this type of device you do not need one. In case you want a far more intense exercise just extend your steps completely to the bottom halfway down when using it.

In case you are searching for an inexpensive piece of gear which allows you to exercise entire body and also get a fully toned look in the coming few months from the ease and comfort of your own home, then you should think about this Maxi Climber vertical climbing device.

The little timer/clock is not of a lot of importance and you may not require it as well. The frame, foot pads, and grips are all outstanding. This Maxi Climber folds up nicely to be kept in a closet or against the wall. This is an excellent fitness equipment to purchase.

Please use the comment box below to let me know your thoughts about this Maxi Climber.

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