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Kellogg’s Special K Protein Bar Review

When it comes to healthy snacks Special K’s products come up very frequently. Ranging from different cereals to even cereal bars, Kellogg continues to create healthy snacks that fuel your everyday needs and necessities.

Whilst searching for some of the best healthy protein bars, I came upon Special K and was pleasantly surprised to find their inventory of protein bars and protein cereal. Without hesitation, I ordered myself a few boxes to try and was not disappointed.

Below we will be reviewing the Special K Protein bars and all of their delicious flavors.

Special K Protein Bar

Kellogg is widely known for their healthy cereals that you can eat for breakfast to give you all the vitamins and minerals your body needs for you to start the day in a positive way, which is usually low in calories, fats and sugars while containing a high in fiber, carbs, & protein profile. Their protein bar line is no different.

They contain high protein and is great for just using as a meal replacement or as a healthy high protein snack throughout the day. These protein bars are also perfect post workout to meet your protein requirements and build strong muscle. We all know that protein bars can taste ungodly awful but to my surprise, these protein bars are extremely delicious.

About the Product:

The overall look of the product resembles most of Kelloggs Special K foods, it has a good professional look, showing clearly what the box contains and what the product looks like out of its packaging. It also shows you what a customer would want to know including the protein content & fiber count.

They also include different flavors for you to try. The different flavors are all great but personally, I found that the chocolate peanut butter flavor tasted the best to me. I don’t know what it is about protein and peanut butter, but I think that peanut butter masks the taste of protein pretty well. The chocolate peanut butter flavor is highly recommended.

All sound delicious but make sure you check each flavor nutritional information, some flavors will be higher in sugars and fat than some others, like the ones containing peanut butter will be higher in fats.

Each bar contains around 12g of protein & 180 calories, 3.5g of saturated fats, 210mg of sodium and 13g of sugars which is quite high. The sugars are also probably what makes this bar taste so good. If you’re watching your sugar intake, this product may be something you want to stay away from.

Although Special K normally try to help people lose weight these seem to be more of a meal replacement which would explain why they have high nutritional values, you would have thought special K would have been less sugar and saturated fat and sodium.

The information on the product picture is a little different from the actual product description, the description says it has 10g of protein and 6g of fats so it’s a little confusing, but not a major downfall.

Each box has around 12 bars, so with a 2 pack you will be getting around 24 protein bars that taste amazing.

Best time to use these would be early in a morning for your breakfast, full of fiber and vitamins and minerals to give your body a nice kick and help you prepare for the day.



Finally, this is a high protein bar that tastes good. Normally when you buy a high protein bar they can taste very chalky and not very delicious at all, but with these bars, they are going to taste delicious and are going to satisfy your taste buds.

12g of protein per bar is just enough to provide you with a little extra protein especially if you don’t think you are getting enough from your diet alone, they also have a decent number of calories to help you reach your caloric goals.

A few people have said in the positive comments that they have managed to lose quite a lot of weight using these as well as put weight on.

They are convenient, you can take them anywhere, could even use them straight after your workout to fuel your muscles and start the recovery process.


These seem to be the newer bars, which contain 10g of protein per bar instead of 12g like the older ones.

They are supposed to be healthy but they contain a lot of sugar, sodium and have a bit of saturated fats too, although they are low in calories you don’t really want your calories coming from bad sources and ingredients.

Some of the negative comments are about customers who received their product but the bars were solid and very hard to chew or they could end up melted and looking awful, but I have never experienced any of these.

Bottom Line:

I was quite surprised when I found these meal bars as they tasted great with a good macro nutrient profile. If you’re losing weight use these as a meal replacement but if your wanting to gain weight use these as an extra snack to hit that protein goal. These bars seem to have high sugar and sodium with sat fats which doesn’t sound quite healthy, but I would still recommend trying them.


It’s always a good thing to make sure you check the labels when getting any type of protein bars, there can be a lot of hidden ingredients that are hidden by big words claiming to be healthy. Look past those kinds of selling points and do a little research yourself. Things to watch out for: high in sugars, sodium, & fats. If your body takes on a lot of sugar your body turns it into fat anyway.

Protein bars are great to have around the house, it provides you with a last-minute bit of protein, you can take them to work or gym with you and can help you bump up your calories to help you gain weight.

For me I enjoyed the flavors and used these as a meal replacement for breakfast, kept me full and satisfied until my next meal. I highly recommend this product and would recommend the chocolate peanut butter flavor.

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