Eas 100% Whey Protein Review

EAS 100 Whey Protein is an organic “instantiated” protein processed via a quantity lower-temperature micro and ultra purification methods, producing the clearest, the majority of the undamaged type of purified whey proteins you can get. This comprehensive processing means that this particular product is designed to give you the optimum natural worth of protein accessible from any other protein sources.

In addition, this means that the greatest concentration of the bioactive micro fractions is kept. These types of micro fractions are necessary for improving purified whey protein’s well-known immune improving results. Clean, natural whey protein is spread around your body faster when compared with some other proteins, a benefit which has been verified in research to enhance muscle mass development as much as 68%. EAS 100% Whey Protein also contains the optimum organic amounts of the BCAAs, confirmed in the study to help muscles recover quicker from intense exercise.

Main Features Of This Product:

EAS 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla, 2 lb (Packaging May Vary)

EAS - Health and Beauty

$23.99 - $6.00 $17.99
  • You will get 26 grams of higher quality protein
  • 6.3 grams of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) help the muscles recover quicker after intense exercise
  • Helps to repair work out-induced muscle mass damage soon after an intense workout
  • 1.6-gram L-glutamine amino acid which is can be termed as the foundation for your muscle development
  • Approximately 10-15% of the meat’s protein is absorbed. If you are searching for an alternative to the meat protein, then whey protein powder can be the right option to go

Additional Features Of This Product:

  • It Has Special Protein Blend:

EAS makes use of both fast acting protein (casein) and slow acting protein (misceller). This is perfect to have an all in one protein mix which gets to function after and during an exercise. This combination provides the interim protein that the body requires to develop muscle along with the continuous protein for staving the hunger off.

  • Low-Calorie:

I dislike supplements which have loads of proteins, still disguised by plenty of carbohydrates. Luckily, EAS offers just 100 calories for per serving. This is sufficient to feel pleased while assisting to keep your calorie deficit during the day.

  • It Has Excellent Flavor:

I had been surprised by great this product sampled, blended with water simply. For the quantity of calories, this particular is wonderful – nearly “dessert-like” – combination.

  • It Supports For The Immune System:

I had been amazed to find out a powerful dosage of selenium and vitamins C, E, on the nutrition details. This particular is a nice reward and can make EAS an excellent health supplement on top of that.

What To Hunt For In Your Whey Protein Powder Before You Make A Buy:

  • Your budget.
  • Protein and calories per scoop (typically between 22 -26 grams)
  • How do you prefer to blend your protein with? (Juice, Milk, Water).
  • You have to determine your main target first, muscle building or fat loss?
  • Extra ingredients included to it (glutamine, vitamin complexes, creatine and so on)
  • Find out if you require a Special Nutrient? Such as Lactose intolerant, and so on.
  • There is a broad range of flavors of this protein powder available which you have to make sure you are choosing a flavor that will add properly to your main liquid mixer.


It is challenging measure precisely what immediate effect any specific protein powders seems to have on the growth; however, I might need to extrapolate from the profile of the ingredients that this particular supplement may not be as readily absorbed or beneficial as a high-quality whey. Therefore, like a post-exercise protein source (as is promoted) it is not the ideal choice. At this point, at other times of day, this might be preferable to use this type of thing which is guaranteed to digest slower. And that is how I prefer to use it much of the time.

Mixability And Taste:

I had Vanilla flavor, and as much as protein powders can go, it was par for course. Undoubtedly bearable, it is not so pleasant, and occasionally a problem in vast amounts. The general opinion appears to be that Chocolates is the most suitable, which I do not doubt. Some other vanilla-tasting whey protein powders I have tested (for example ON Gold Standard) flavor greater. As per usual, it is a lot more pleasant in milk compared to water, however, will not blend at the same time. If you possibly can make use of a blender, blend it with milk.

This particular protein powders failed to blend easily, I doubt because of the wholesomeness and also percentage composition of the fillers and some other ingredients.


This particular is truly the only (somewhat) bright spot for a poor product. I purchased a 5 lbs bag of it at the different marketplace for greater than 30 bucks. As much as protein powders can go makes the serving/cost very affordable and it had been truly the sole thing which helped me opted to get it. This is not the pretty same price ratio as some mass amounts you may purchase online, and it is difficult to praise the cost while the particular product itself is not top notch.

How Much The Taste Matters To Suit Your Needs?

EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder additionally includes 7.3 grams of organically branched chain amino acids for per portion, which means that the muscle recovery will not be sore or slow. Going on a diet has its pros and cons, we all know. You will get snagged; however, it may also harm your size, a look you do not wish to see in your mirror. Therefore, that is where BCAA’s get involved.

Branched chain amino acids work with sustaining muscle tissue throughout a calorie-deficit weight loss plan. The slimmer you get, the greater muscle tissue you are most likely burning off. Why? Good, your body attempts more and more difficult to keep body fat. It has to get the energy from somewhere. However, EAS 100% Whey Powder has fixed this issue with a strong percentage of BCAA’s which are revitalizing protein synthesis.

You may probably know that glutamine is the most typical amino acid discovered in your muscle tissue and may reduce breakdown of muscle tissue and enhance the protein metabolism. However, throughout extreme exercises, your level of glutamine reduces, which means that your recovery, stamina, and strength are at lower level. That is the reason why this is usually a wise decision to begin supplementing with the glutamine. And in addition, it assists you to improve your capability to secrete HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which usually has a significant part in the growth process of the muscle.

Delightful Taste? Checked Out!

In case you are nevertheless not persuaded, we additionally want to say that this chocolate flavor is simply delicious and divine. This particular natural powder blends nicely in both water and milk. However, you will not be amazed in case you attempt some chocolate milk to get a much better flavor. We have attempted this particular type and MY GOD! It got buds go crazy. And that is without having to add lots of sugar, an approach much more common some other dietary supplements brand available on the market.

The chocolate flavor is the most popular, but you also ought to check out the vanilla flavor also. You can blend it with nearly anything, and it is very soft, dissolves well and taste good.

At this time, EAS is a well-known brand available in the marketplace, impressive trust to people who else decide to check out their particular products. We have not attempted all of their dietary supplements. However, we know without a doubt that this EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder is impactful and safe.

This Is The Best Protein For You If You’re After Top Results


For how long have you already been looking for protein powders that may give you the “supercharge” to develop your muscles and additionally flavor excellent? Search no longer. And you have not seen the cost still. You could get the 2.2 kg chocolate tub only at 59.12 lbs on Amazon. None other product on the marketplace will make sure you that quantity of proteins at a more effective price. You should not be worried about your budget shrinking when you are getting larger.

EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder offers everything it requires to be a health supplement you want in your fitness center bag: excellent proteins proportion, price, taste and it blends nicely. Add the truth is that it offers only 5-gram of carbs for per serving and you have obtained yourself the proteins you have been searching all over. Build yourself tougher, without having extra unhealthy calories, getting leaner every day.

Lastly, it is worth talking about that EAS Whey Protein Powder is the product for the dedicated sports athletes, who else run after their desires. Eat the protein powders within half an hour of workout, and you will notice practical muscle mass development and enhanced power, making the most of your initiatives in the fitness center. With EAS Whey Protein Powder, outcomes will come indubitable and shortly.

This particular is the most effective 100% Whey at the low price on Amazon; therefore you may want to give this a try. It is undoubtedly the less expensive, the best mouth watering, and most easily blended with some other health supplement available on the marketplace. It has almost all the great attributes and no drawback, an uncommon advantage for protein powders. This particular EAS has furnished a state-of-the-art product for an affordable cost, and you should take benefit from the product, right now.

Product Features, Health Benefits And Side Effects:

You will find no side effects using this product. Similar to all muscle building supplements, although, you ought to use discretion and judgment. To put it differently, use moderation – stick to the suggested usage guidelines and then you will be okay.

Regarding health advantages that are the main reason, one might purchase this particular protein powders. A few of the important advantages you should receive will be:

  • Incredibly assimilable protein to help muscle growth and muscle recovery
  • This product assist build lean muscle mass without additional added fat or adipose tissue
  • You can meet your day-to-day needs for protein
  • In case you “weight train” possibly as a beginner power lifter or as a bodybuilder, it will assist you to get your need of protein
  • It includes 6.3-gram of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) which assist muscles to recover soon after weight lifting exercises. Therefore, it is an outstanding Post and pre-workout health supplement.
  • It is included with 1.6 gram L-glutamine that is an important, creating block amino acid required for muscle development with weight or fitness training fanatics
  • You will see that whey protein isolate arrives from milk. This particular is not a vegan protein powder. Therefore purists or even victims of lactose intolerance may want to seek the advice of their doctor before they use it.

Does It Provide A Guarantee?

Of course. Amazon is the retailer I suggest to some extent because of their sterling warranty, guarantees their products. In case you are not pleased with this product for unknown reasons, you can give it back and get a complete refund. EAS, at the same time, guarantees this product but like most health supplement providers, delay payments on the guarantee or even return policy of the website where you purchased it.

What We Liked:

  • This is enriched with the vanilla flavor
  • The ingredients of this product are fully natural

What We Disliked:

  • We didn’t find any con of this product
EAS 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder, Vanilla, 2 lb (Packaging May Vary)
  • BUILD MUSCLE: One serving of EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder provides 30 grams of high quality protein to help you build muscle and recover quickly
  • RECOVER: Each serving of protein powder delivers 7.3 grams of BCAAs to stimulate protein synthesis and help repair muscle damage
  • NO ADDED SUGAR OR FILLERS: 100% of the protein in our powder is from whey with no fillers, proprietary blends or sugar added. NSF tested and certified
  • USE: Consume within 30 minutes after strenuous exercise to help repair and rebuild muscles. Also available as a ready-to-drink protein shake.
  • NSF tested and certified


EAS is undoubtedly a world’s top leader in providing state-of-the-art and 100% pure whey protein powders. It is one of the most effective protein powders that can be purchased. It does not consist of any Proprietary blends or fillers; rather, it is produced from the ingredients which the body has to increase your level of performance. This protein powder is perfect for taking within half an hour of your physical exercise so that you can boost the muscle development and enhance the strength of your body.

I hope this article helped you gain the proper knowledge about this product that will help you choose this product wisely.

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