Designer Whey Protein Review

Designer Whey Protein Review

Designer Whey is considered a pioneer in the protein industry. They actually put on market the first commercially available protein powder back in 1993, and more than two decades later this brand is still considered to be among the best out there. To that end, we’re going to take a look at this brand, some of its pros, cons, and features, as well as some things to consider and reviews that might influence your eventual purchase. So let’s get started with some of the pros.


One of the real positive attributes of this type of protein powder is that it has no artificial sweeteners, and is natural while dissolving quickly. Another positive attribute is that there is in fact a subscribe and save option with this protein powder, which will allow you to save money in the long run. The sweetener used is Stevia, which is considered to be more healthy overall.


The cholesterol and salt content of this whey protein powder has increased as of late compared to earlier versions, which can of course be considered a downside overall. Another problem with this powder is that some versions of the protein powder use sucralose as opposed to Stevia, which can cause headaches in a certain percentage of the population. Also, not all of the nutrition facts are published on the product, which can be a hassle for some customers.

Feature Table

    • Between eighteen and twenty grams of completely premium whey protein.
    • All the peptides you need with no added sugar. Only 110 calories per serving.
    • Your entire daily value of B vitamins, which helps to convert protein into energy you can use, which will boost your metabolism.
    • It uses all natural ingredients and doesn’t have any artificial growth hormones, flavors, antibiotics, colors, sweeteners or any preservatives.
    • This product is made in the United States, and is gluten free as well as Kosher.
    • Protein provides your body with necessary amino acids to help repair muscles.
    • Features eighteen grams of whey protein, which will definitely enhance your workout.

B Vitamins

You’re going to need to convert that protein in your body into energy if you want to boost your metabolism, and the best way to do that is through your vitamin intake. Since this item contains the full amount of B vitamins that you need in a day, you can be sure that you’ll be able to kickstart the overall way your body runs and get it into peak shape.

All Natural Ingredients

While there are plenty of protein powders out there that use all manner of artificial ingredients, sweeteners, filler ingredients, and the like, this Designer Whey Protein Powder isn’t one of them. This is obviously important, as nobody wants to be putting harmful things into their body, especially when there are better options out on the market.

Made in the United States, Gluten Free and Kosher

It’s a definite plus when you know that the item you’re purchasing is made here in the states, as you can avoid potential quality issues that will inevitably come up when you’re getting something from overseas. This product is pretty inclusive, too, as even people with gluten tolerance issues can use this, and the fact that it’s Kosher makes it even more inviting to people of all faiths.

Things to Consider

It’s important to note that for proper use you’re going to want to combine a single scoop of this Designer Whey Protein Powder with eight ounces of either juice, milk, or cold water, and then mix the concoction well. It’s best that you use this product right in the morning in order to get your metabolism going, or else twenty minutes after a good workout or in the middle of the morning or afternoon to eliminate cravings you might have.

Positive Customer Reviews

In terms of positive responses to this product, one customer claimed that the fragrance was a definite selling point. Several customers agreed that this powder tasted far better than anything else out there, as protein powders tend to not have the best taste in general. Others have added that the shake blends pretty smoothly when it’s done, so you can avoid a chunky mess situation when you’re getting your protein intake. Many customers have noted that this is the healthiest whey protein powder out there, as we figured out by looking at some of the features.

Negative Customer Reviews

One customer pointed out the fact that more protein powder needs to be added now to get the same amount of protein that was available with the powder in the past, and another sticking point is, as we mentioned earlier, that the cholesterol and salt content has gone up. One reviewer pointed out that there’s an unpleasant aftertaste, but it’s much better once you use it in lower amounts that are mixed in with something.

Brand Analysis

As mentioned before, when it comes to whey protein powder, it’s harder to get more experience or know-how than with Designer Protein. While it’s known well as a consumer item, it’s also trusted by Olympic athletes and those who want to supercharge their workout routine. This protein powder is produced entirely in the United States, and comes in a variety of flavors such as Gourmet Chocolate, French Vanilla, Vanilla Almond, Summer Strawberry, Vanilla Praline, Double Chocolate, and Purely Unflavored.

Overall Recommendation

While there are definitely some negative aspects of this whey protein powder, it seems like the pros definitely win out, not only when you consider the customer reviews but also when you take a look at a lot of the features that you can expect with this protein powder. One element that came up again and again in the reviews was the issue of taste, and many customers feel like Designer Whey’s Protein Powder definitely has the best taste out there.



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