Citadel Nutrition Tier 1 Pre-workout Review

Tier 1 Preworkout / Performance Supplement (376g)

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When you’re on the lookout for a decent pre-workout to help you boost your energy levels so you can put 100% into your workout plan you most likely go by either a top brand that you know or have heard about or you scroll through pre-workouts until you visually see one that appeals to you eye, one that stands out and looks professional, which are you most likely to buy, a blank tub with just the title and servings or a tub showcasing some nice art work of like a big mean gorilla or a buff bull? Of course, the gorilla and the bull would be the most likely choice, but is it the right choice?

We overlook probably some of the best supplements just because of the way they look or because they aren’t a big brand, but just remember these big brands today started off in the exact same way.

We will be reviewing a pre-workout supplement called Tier 1 Pre-Workout.

Citadel Nutrition – Tier 1 Pre-Workout Review

About the Product:

Like I mentioned above about the visuals, the same goes for this product, there is nothing fancy or standing out on this tub, in fact it’s quite plain, doesn’t catch the eye or make you want to spend money on it especially if the company can’t afford to spend money on making it look nice what’s the point, right?

Don’t be fooled by the look, it is fairly basic but it doesn’t mean it won’t be as good or better than any other pre-workout supplements.

It contains no proprietary blends, which means there’s no confusion, you can clearly see what you’re getting on the back of the label and exactly how much of its ingredients you’re getting too.

It has no dangerous or banned substances, only using safe and proven ingredients so you don’t have to panic.

You get a nice dose of creatine and beta-alanine which is going to support you greatly in your workouts, giving you increased strength and muscle energy as well as helping you recover a lot quicker.

This product uses only the highest quality ingredients so you know you’re getting the very best.

So far, this supplement seems to be fairly basic, which you all know by now it can be quite a good thing, it doesn’t need to be overly complicated, just the base ingredients will do the job. It has only 4 ingredients and they don’t want to complicate things, they are giving you exactly what you would need for explosive energy and increased performance.

The creatine is from creapure which is very clean and is the most tested for safety, you won’t find a better quality creatine in most pre-workouts. The product uses beta-alanine which is quite common in almost all pre-workouts, it uses a form of caffeine which is great for giving energy and focus, it could give you a little bit of a crash or jitters depends on the caffeine type, and lastly L-Tyrosine which is a non-essential amino acid which helps synthesize protein and can provide a little energy.

It doesn’t seem to come with any flavor choices, and I checked the company’s main website and it doesn’t seem to have a flavor so it’s probably just plain which is great because you can add it to pretty much anything from water, juice, and your protein shakes without it affecting the flavor, it is also supposed to be great at mixing with different liquids.

If you’re looking for something with a little more kick so you get more energy they also do another version of Tier 1 just with more caffeine:- https://www.citadelnutrition.com/products/tier1pluspreworkout



It is a basic supplement but being basic has its advantages, it has simple high quality ingredients, limited number of ingredients, 4 in total, you can clearly see what they are and how much is in the product without all the confusion.

It has 5g of creapure creatine per serving which is the recommended daily amount of creatine each day, some pre-workouts don’t have this much creatine usually 3g or 2.5g, so expect a lot of energy in your muscles and a great pump.

It mixes really well with any liquid so you can have it with pretty much anything.

It doesn’t have a bad taste or after taste and it doesn’t give you tingles or jitters.


Firstly, is the overall look of the product, I would like it to be a little more creative so it looks good as I open the tub and put a scoop in my water, also I can show it off to my friends.

Some people have mentioned in the reviews that they didn’t feel any effect or if they did it soon wore off after a week or two.

It has quite a sweet taste to the product, something not everyone can deal with.

It contains sucralose, an ingredient that is supposed to help sweeten the product but some research has come about saying it is potentially dangerous for people to be consuming.

Bottom Line:

This is a basic pre-workout, it has limited ingredients but it’s all the main ingredients that you would need in a pre-workout without all the added blends and confusion of what is what and what it does to you, it’s a nice basic pre-workout.

Don’t expect it to be super amazing giving you the best clean energy and explosive workouts, it gives you a nice big of energy but not too much, it contains an ingredient called sucralose which seems to be a bad ingredient to most people reading the product reviews, it seems to be used as a sweetener but someone said that it is potentially dangerous to humans, but loads of people still take this and have had some great gains and results.

Tier 1 Preworkout / Performance Supplement (376g)
  • No Proprietary Blends. Know exactly what's in the bottle and how much.
  • No Dangerous or Banned Substances. Safe and Proven Ingredients only.
  • Effective Dose of Creatine and Beta-Alanine for Performance.
  • Patented and Highest Quality Raw Ingredients Used.
  • Absolutely No Filler or Extraneous Ingredients.


It’s a pre-workout, it will definitely give you some sort of energy to help you get through your workouts and even if you’re having a downer day, it might pick you up a little, but what concerned me the most is the ingredient sucralose, a lot of people deem it a bad ingredient while others aren’t aware or just don’t care and have used this product with no complaints, each to their own. I would still say give it a try because it might work really well for you, as long as you’re not taking it every single day for as long as you live I think you will be fine.

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