C4 Pre-Workout Review

Cellucor are one of the world’s leading supplement company’s, providing some of the best quality products in the world, they are most known for their amazing pre-workouts especially their C4 pre-workout supplement.

For 15 years Cellucor’s mission has been to support personal journeys of improvement and evolution. They dedicated themselves to becoming the best sports nutrition brand in the world, delivering people the most effective, best-tasting and highest quality products for people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Over this article, we will be reviewing their original C4 Pre-workout product, going over the features, advantages, and disadvantages like always but we will also be doing a few comparisons between their other pre-workout products, and going into more detail on the different flavors.

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Cellucor C4 Original Pre-Workout Review

When you’re on the market for a really good pre-workout you’re going to come across a lot of different pre-workout products by loads of different companies, you might also come across Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout, if you have, then stop right there you won’t need to look any further.

If you want to have an explosive workout, non-stop grinding, sweating, vein popping workout then C4 would be for you, one of the best pre-workout supplements in the world, giving you amazing taste, tons of energy and explosiveness, high focus, and concentration without a load of nasty side effects.

Cellucor have tons of different pre-workouts, but this is the original.

About the Product:

The first thing you notice when looking at this product is the appearance. It has a nice professional look to it, a good use of yellow and silvers, clearly showing you what the product does and contains, showing you the flavor and how many servings it has.

This is Americas no.1 selling pre-workout, it is a trusted pre-workout for men and women alike of all training levels, looking for that extra boost.

C4 uses the highest quality of ingredients to give you the very best for your money, it gives you a lot more energy giving you endurance for your workouts, it gives you focus and concentration, as well as explosiveness, getting you to push harder and work out for longer.

Working out on your own with no pre-workout you will gain a good amount of results as long as your diet is in check, you can expect to have some gains, but for just a little bit of money you can buy yourself a pre-workout just like this, it will help you reach your goals a whole lot quicker, imagine pushing your hardest every time you enter the gym to workout, taking limited breaks, not getting tired as easily, you will maximize your performance and your gains, a pre-workout is well worth the buy.

Unbeatable flavors to tickle your taste buds, always trying to raise the bar, offering flavors for pretty much anyone for all tastes.

It also contains a small amount of creatine nitrate, which is supposed to be a lot more palatable when mixed with liquid instead of having a grainy gritty taste or bits left at the bottom, this one mixes really well and leaves no bits. There have been little to no evidence of this type of creatine working better or the same as creatine monohydrate, some have said it works just as well giving more oxygen into the blood making it last longer and work better but no evidence.

This product has about 7 different flavors, strawberry margarita, cherry limeade, fruit punch, green apple, icy blue razz, pink lemonade, and final watermelon. These are some seriously delicious sounding flavors; my favorite is the icy blue razz!

It comes in 2 serving sizes 60 servings or 30 servings.

It contains a rather nice ingredient, called carnosyn beta-alanine, this helps you a lot while working out, it gives you better, faster results, it delivers a higher level of beta-alanine which faster increases muscle carnosine levels for maximum results, helping delay the onset of failure, enhanced endurance, and muscle fatigue.

To take this kind of supplement its best to take about 20-30 minutes just before a workout to give you the energy and boost you will need and it can be stacked with other Cellucor products to maximize results.


  • Trusted and tested product containing the best ingredients and high quality
  • Provides you with tons more energy giving you the boost and explosiveness you will need to get the best out of your workouts
  • Contains a type of creatine to help you push more reps and sets, as well as faster recovery
  • Contains a type of beta-alanine, helps to prevent muscle failure and fatigue as well as enhanced endurance
  • Has tons of different flavors
  • Only 5 calories and 1g carbs


  • The powder has been known to clump together making the mixability a bit difficult
  • Some flavors seem to be heightened, really sweet or sour, unsettling on the stomach according to some reviews
  • Moisture can sometimes get into the tubs leaving it in big clumps
  • Different formula making it less effective

Bottom Line:

As will all products there are good reviews and bad reviews, remember it all works differently for people, it won’t always work the same way, some people may be more tolerable to its effects while others it works with the smallest serving. It is a pre-workout nevertheless and it does work, some people get unlucky and receive a bad batch, maybe they were stored wrong, whatever the case, it has great flavors, that I can definitely vouch for, I would recommend this for beginners who are just starting out with using supplements in their workouts, or needing their first pre-workout, it can be used by anyone but beginners would get the best use from it.

Cellucor C4 Original Pre Workout Powder Energy Drink w/ Creatine, Nitric Oxide & Beta Alanine, Strawberry Margarita, 60 Servings
  • America's Number 1 Selling Pre-Workout+: Cellucor's C4 is a trusted pre-workout for men and women of all training levels. C4 has proven to be a leader in its category, and has earned the title of America's Number One Selling Pre-workout.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All Cellucor sales from Amazon.com are guaranteed to give you an edge in performance. Cellucor understands the importance of investing in your health, and extends a 30-day, full money-back guarantee.
  • Premium Ingredients: C4 Original is a trusted pre-workout that promises quality of ingredients and purposefully crafted blend of patented ingredients that promote energy and endurance for better workouts.*
  • Unbeatable Flavors: C4 is well known and respected for offering a variety of great tasting flavors that continue to raise the bar.
  • C4 Cellucor Preworkout Creatine Beta Alanine Nitric Oxide NO3-T Creatine Nitrate TeaCor Muscle Growth Endurance Energy Workout Supplement

C4 Pre-Workout Comparison

There are quite a lot of C4 pre-workout supplements, and a whole lot of different flavors too, you can never have enough flavors, if you’re a C4 fan you’re going to want to taste and try them all, deliciously sweet, great to help you hydrate and give you the boost you need before a workout.

We are going to compare some of the other products to see the differences.

First up:

Cellucor C4 50x Pre-Workout

This is Cellucor’s 50x pre-workout supplement, what the 50 stands for is that it is 50% more explosive than the original, containing more creatine nitrate and more beta-alanine, giving you a nice muscle pump as well as decreased muscle failure and fatigue.

About the Product:

Looking at this product compared to the original, it has a darker look to it, still using a little bit of their yellow but it’s mainly a metallic dark black and silver color, it does look more appealing that the C4 Original.

This one is a little bit stronger than the original, it contains 50% more potent ingredients making it a lot denser and a lot more powerful, containing a lot more of the ingredients that made the original C4 one of the best pre-workouts in the world.

It comes with the same flavors as the original, but not as many, icy blue razz, watermelon, and fruit punch are the only ones I could find at the moment, still offering their most popular flavors from the list of 7.

It contains 2 different ingredients that helps blow the original out of the water, the first is TeaCor which gives you more hard hitting energy, and then XCELICOR which helps the energy last a lot longer.


  • Contains 50% more than the original, more ingredients per scoop making it more powerful packing a punch
  • Has 2 different ingredients, TeaCor for hard hitting energy and XCELICOR which makes the energy last longer
  • Greater energy and focus
  • More creatine nitrate, giving a better muscle pump and recovery


  • Has less flavors to choose from
  • Has a bad after taste
  • No noticeable difference between the original and 50x

Bottom Line:

I think its basically the same as the original just with a few little tweaks here and there and a few added ingredients, but not much difference, it will give a bit of a bigger boost of energy than the original and the energy will last longer thanks to the new ingredients, but still people don’t feel as though it’s any different, a lot of reviews complain about a bad taste too.

Cellucor, C4 50X, Explosive Pre-Workout Supplement, Watermelon, 30 Servings
  • 30 servings
  • 741mg Explosive Energy Blend, 1500mg Beta Alanine, 1000mg Creatine Nitrate and 1000mg Arginine AKG per serving
  • 5 calories and 1g carbs per serving
  • Manufactured in a GMP compliant facility

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Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre-Workout

Another one of Cellucor’s pre-workout supplements, this one has the same base ingredients as the original pre-workout but this one has a new cutting formula to help you with energy while helping you to cut down your body weight and reveal those hard-earned muscles, contains a thermogenic fat burner.

About the Product:

The whole look of this product is similar to the original, using their trademark color yellow and a lot of silver, they like the polished professional look, clearly showing what the product is, and what it does, as well as the flavor and servings per tub.

This is the Ripped edition of C4 pre-workout, it contains a cutting formula to help you cut down your body fat while keeping your energy levels high to keep you going at your best to maximize your fat loss results, faster than any normal pre-workout or cutting supplement.

Unlike the other 2 supplements this one contains no creatine at all, so no bloating, or excess water weigh, some say that creatine has its uses while cutting, helping keep strength and power through the cut.

It contains ingredients to aid in fat/weight loss, from L-carnitine, green coffee bean extract as well as a few others.

It has the original explosive energy blend mixed with the ripped blend giving you the best of both worlds.

The flavors are the same flavors as the other ones but not as many as the original, I think there is about 3 flavors, icy blue razz, fruit punch, and cherry limeade the ones I could find.


  • People have lost a good amount of weight using this product
  • Gives you energy while you cut down aiding you with your fat loss
  • Contains fat loss ingredients like green coffee bean extract and L-carnitine
  • No creatine so no bloating or excess water weight


  • It can sometimes stain your plastic shaker cup, makes you wonder about the ingredients
  • Some people have had a few side effects, like rapid heart rate causing a few breathing problems, this could be due to an underlying illness in the customer.
  • No notice in energy levels and ineffective

Bottom Line:

Like all other C4 pre-workouts it does have the ingredients to give someone a boost in energy, this particular product is supposed to help people with fat loss while giving them energy they need to keep their workouts at a high level, it has no creatine unlike the other 2 products which contain creatine, some argue with there being no creatine, some find it helpful on a cutting phase using creatine to keep them strong and aid in recovery while others find the water weight or bloating to be undesired.

The reviews are mixed as always, some people have lost weight and kept a good amount of energy but others found the opposite, no difference in energy or weight loss, but like I always say everyone is different, but the ingredients are legitimate, so they should help.

Cellucor C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder + Thermogenic Fat Burner, Fat Burners for Men & Women, Weight Loss & Energy, Cherry Limeade, 30 Servings
  • CUT FAT, NOT MUSCLE: C4 Ripped is a pre-workout supplement that combines the explosive energy of C4 with ingredients specific to fat loss. This formula helps you train harder while supporting your body's ability to burn fat. Our proprietary formulated Ripped Blend is designed to enhance fat loss by harnessing the power of L-Carnitine, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Capsimax Cayenne Fruit Extract and Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract.
  • ENERGY FOR YOUR TRAINING: C4 Ripped contains a similar energy blend to C4 Original, with key ingredients for energy to help you push through your toughest workouts.
  • Contains CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, an amino acid, which converts to a compound in your body called carnosine. It is the only patented and clinically studied form of beta-alanine that has been shown to support muscular endurance.
  • GET SHREDDED WITHOUT SACRIFICING FLAVOR: Don't sacrifice flavor in the name of fat loss; enjoy your pre-workout! C4 Ripped gives you the burst of flavor you crave before you train. Choose from Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Icy Blue Razz, Raspberry Lemonade, and Tropical Punch.

Cellucor On the Go


This is the Cellucor On the Go, a nice convenient way to get a good boost of energy while you’re on the go, easy to carry around with you anywhere, if your busy at work and you need to fit in a quick gym workout or even an office workout, pop one of these out of your bag and drink, the delicious flavor and intense energy boost will get you through the workout and the rest of the day.

About the Product:

What you see is what you get with this product, it is a bottled pre-workout drink you can conveniently take anywhere with you, saves bringing the tub and a shaker to mix each time, already has it all mixed together. Can be used for a quick workout, or even if you’re having a bit of a low mood no energy day, have a drink and this will boost your energy and focus.

It looks rather good overall using their main colors they use on most of their other products, clearly giving you the information you need, comes in the same flavors as the other products just a little more limited.

It contains a little more calories than other products, 8 calories per drink compared to the 5 calories per serving the tub gives you. Same with the carbs 2g of carbs when the tubs are 1g.

Contains the original energy blend by C4.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Has great taste
  • Doesn’t give you any jitters or tingles
  • Not just for working out, it can help you get through a tough day at work


  • One customer bought this and it came out of date so had to throw it away
  • Contains more calories and carbs than the originals

Bottom Line:

There is not much more I can say about this product it is what it is, a convenient bottled pre-workout drink with a great taste and flavor, can take anywhere, great for the gym or even if you’re having a low day at work.

Cellucor, C4 on the Go, Explosive Energy Pre-Workout Supplement, Cherry Limeade, 12 Count
  • C4 On The Go is a pre-mixed pre-workout from the maker's of America's No.1 pre-workout brand.
  • C4 On The go contains 8 calories, 2g carbs, 0g sugar, and Vitamins B6 & B12. Healthy levels of B-Vitamins promote peak cognitive performance and energy.*
  • The Explosive Energy Blend in C4 On The Go combines several superior ingredients in a single proprietary blend to maximize energy and improve performance.* With 200mg of caffeine per bottle, C4 On the Go provides a convenient energy on the go.
  • Unbeatable Flavors: There's a flavor for you. C4 On The Go is offered in Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, Icy Blue Razz, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, Berry Blast and Orange Burst.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All Cellucor sales by Amazon and Nutrabolt are backed by a 30-day, full money-back guarantee.

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Pre-Workout

This Pre-Workout made by Cellucor is supposed to be the most explosive pre-workout out of them all, they even called it C4 Ultimate, meaning the very best. This one concentrates on a new formula and blend, it helps with ultimate energy and focus.

About the Product:

This is the ultimate pre-workout made by Cellucor, made for more serious people who are looking to make a real change and make some real gains. A new blend for ultimate focus and energy.

The whole look of this product is quite dark, using a lot of black and silver, compared to the others which are usually quite light and clear, using a lot of yellow.

This one has creatine added to it again, great for a good pump and recovery, supporting lean muscle mass and muscular energy. It contains a lot of the original ingredients apart from a few like taurine which is an amino acid, usually found in energy drinks and other sports supplements, it helps to improve cognitive function and enhances sports performance as well as increases energy levels, used as an antioxidant as well.

The new blend contains ingredients that give an ultimate boost in energy and greatly increases focus and concentration, compared to the original products that just focused on explosive energy.

It is about 10 times stronger than any of Cellucors other pre-workouts, not suitable for everyone, it can be quite hard to tolerate the high levels of energy, saying that it would be perfect for those who didn’t get much out of the original C4 pre-workout.

Not recommended to be used close to your bedtime, you won’t be able to sleep and might have a bit of a headache if your trying too hard to sleep.

Comes in some nice flavors that have been used before, icy blue razz, strawberry watermelon, cherry limeade, and orange mango.


  • Contains a new blend of ingredients to promote energy and focus
  • 10 times stronger than the C4 original
  • Comes in many different flavors
  • Contains creatine nitrate, great for recovery, muscle pump, muscle energy


  • It has a lot of energy, it may be hard to take for some people, with a bad review saying it’s for more serious people or people on steroids
  • It can give you tingles and jitters, maybe even some nausea
  • Not recommended before bed or later on through the day

Bottom Line:

There were a lot of people leaving comments about how ineffective the original C4 pre-workout was and even the second one we reviewed 50x, it didn’t seem to give certain people enough energy, so this is where C4 Ultimate comes into play, this gives a lot of energy, people saying 10 times as much as the original, and it’s very noticeable.

There weren’t too many reviews to go on but I managed to round up a conclusion, for people who have serious goals and know how to put in 100% each workout this would be good for you, or people who struggle getting energy from any of the original products give this a try.

Cellucor C4 Ultimate Pre Workout Powder with Beta Alanine, Creatine Nitrate, Nitric Oxide, Citrulline Malate, and Energy Drink Mix, Cherry Limeade, 20 Servings
  • C4 Ultimate is the most powerful C4 we've ever created - for those with no limits in the gym. This pre-workout will push you for one more set. Every time.
  • The Ultimate Formula 6g Citrulline Malate, 3.2g Beta Alanine, 1.5g Creatine Nitrate, 1g Arginine, 858mg nootropic energy blend, 300mg caffeine per scoop. 20 servings per container.
  • Premium Ingredients: Cellucor promises quality of ingredients and purposefully crafted blend of patented ingredients that promote energy and endurance to satisfy your fitness goals.
  • Unbeatable Flavors: There's a flavor for you. C4 Ultimate is offered in Raspberry Lemonade, Apple Berry, Icy Blue Razz, Orange Mango, Cherry Limeade, and Strawberry Watermelon.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All Cellucor sales by Amazon and Nutrabolt are backed by a 30-day, full money-back guarantee.

Cellucor C4 Neuro Pre-Workout

Cellucor C4 Neuro Energy Formula for Gamers, Icy Blue Razz, 30 Servings

Cellucor Nutrition - Health and Beauty

Currently not available

This C4 Pre-Workout was intended to help people with more focus, this gives you intense metal focus and energy. It has all the base ingredients the original has apart from the Neuro blend, which is intended for energy and focus this time instead of explosive energy.

About the Product:

The whole look of the product is a little glum, it doesn’t look as professional or as clear as the other products, it has a good use of the yellow but the rest makes it hard to see the writing and labels clearly.

This contains the Neuro blend and it also has the explosive blend to give you the best of both worlds, giving you the energy your used to from the original but giving you a lot more mental focus.

This is really helpful during a workout, normally your mind gives out before your body does, it starts to tell you that your done or your tired before your body is actually finished, it lies to you and when that happens you don’t give it your all, so with the Neuro blend it gives you the mental capacity to get you over those mental bocks and stops mental fatigue.

This one comes with 2 flavors but you might be able to find more if you look hard enough, the flavors are the typical popular flavors, icy blue razz and the watermelon flavor, with the watermelon flavor being subtle and refreshing.


  • Increased mental focus and cognitive ability
  • The original explosive energy blend to give you the energy you like
  • Subtle flavors and mixes well
  • Contains creatine nitrate for muscle energy, pump and energy
  • Has less caffeine than other C4 Pre-Workouts so you don’t get jittery or jumpy


  • Some people received an expired tub
  • It gave a few people an upset stomach and a little energy but not much focus
  • The look of the tub isn’t really attractive or draws the eye
  • Few reviews meaning not many people use the product
  • Taking it each day impacts the effectiveness over time

Bottom Line:

It’s a little similar to other C4 products with just different blends, it is supposed to increase mental energy and performance so you don’t get mentally tired so quick and give up before your body gives up, I believe it works for some people, maybe beginners who have trouble learning to break past those breaking points would benefit them a lot more.

Cellucor C4 Neuro Energy Formula for Gamers, Icy Blue Razz, 30 Servings
  • When mental fatigue threatens your gaming performance, C4 Neuro provides a nootropic edge for mental clarity, quicker response times, and a competitive mindset.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All Cellucor sales by Amazon and Nutrabolt are backed by a 30-day, full money-back guarantee.
  • 1.6g Beta Alanine, 1g Creatine Nitrate, 1g Arginine, 665mg nootropic energy blend, 350mg explosive energy blend, 150mg caffeine per scoop. 30 servings per container.
  • Premium Ingredients: Cellucor promises quality of ingredients and purposefully crafted blend of patented ingredients that promote energy and endurance to satisfy your fitness goals.
  • Superior Flavors: Many choices. Find yours. Cellucor offers best-in-class flavors to fuel hydration for optimal performance.

Cellucor C4 Mass Pre-Workout

Finding this I found it quite intriguing, a mass gainer and a pre-workout mixed together to give you explosive energy while giving you some extra calories to help you towards your caloric goals each day, you don’t find many products like this, it’s quite unique.

About the Product:

This is a mass gainer and a pre-workout combined together, it gives you all the essentials of a mass gainer while giving you energy for explosive workouts, it’s really quite cool.

It gives you around 60 calories per serving as well as 25g of carbs.

It uses a new bend called creacarb blend, it contains micronized creatine monohydrate as well as fructose and dextrose and a few other ingredients, normally dextrose is used as a kind of sugar to give food and supplements flavor and sweetness, same with fructose, it’s another type of sweetener found in fruit and honey giving it a nice flavor.

It also has a new ingredient called Teacart which helps to push you through your toughest workouts, this mass gainer pre-workout will give you fast and slow release of energy perfect for the whole day.

It also contains creatine nitrate and the explosive energy blend most of the C4 products have.

It comes in 2 different flavors on this site fruit punch flavor and icy blue razz.


  • Mass gainer and explosive energy combined
  • Contains a blend with micronized creatine monohydrate
  • Has a new ingredient Teacart which helps push through the toughest workouts
  • Has 60 calories and 25g of carbs per serving


  • Might be really sweet, sickly sweet
  • Can cause slight stomach upsets and frequent toilet trips shortly after use
  • The flavors you order may come different, someone ordered icy blue razz but fruit punch came instead
  • Doesn’t mix too well

Bottom Line:

I find this product quite unique, it has its disadvantages but compared to the other C4 products it contains a blend of micronized creatine monohydrate which is the best creatine you can get, and works really well for size and strength, as well as recovery. I like the sound of this product, a mass gainer with explosive energy, its exactly what you need while bulking up, you need to push those boundaries if you want to make progressive gains each year.

But beware you may need to use the toilet a lot using this product.

Cellucor, C4 Mass, Explosive Energy & Mass Builder, Pre-Workout Supplement, Fruit Punch, 30 Servings
  • ENERGY FOR TRAINING AND CARBS FOR MASS: If you are serious about putting on size, you need energy to train and carbs to grow. Whether you're a hard gainer, or simply trying to add lean muscle to your physique, sometimes the training isn't enough. A diet that supports growth, and supplements that help the body maximize its potential, are crucial for success.
  • WHY CARBS? When you are training to put on mass, carbohydrates are a MUST. They play a vital role in fueling your body for intense exercise and are critical for replenishing your glycogen stores after a workout. Carbohydrates create the optimal environment for building mass by spiking insulin levels, which helps shuttle Creatine and essential nutrients to the muscle to support muscle repair and overall growth. An optimal dose of the right carbohydrates can create an insulin spike.
  • Contains CarnoSyn Beta Alanine, an amino acid, which converts to a compound in your body called carnosine. It is the only patented and clinically studied form of beta-alanine that has been shown to support muscular endurance.
  • C4 Mass has key components for long lasting energy, including the new breakthrough ingredient, TeaCor, to help you push through your toughest workouts.
  • Unbeatable Flavors: There's a flavor for you. C4 Mass is offered in Icy Blue Razz and Fruit Punch.


If you’re looking for a pre-workout and your just starting out, or you have been working out a while but you’re looking for a little boost then I would recommend the Original C4 Pre-Workout, you can never really beat an original, it was the first of its kind and contains the best possible ingredients that you would need to give you an edge in your workouts, If you have been using a pre-workout before and looking for something stronger I would recommend the C4 50x Pre-Workout, it has the original base ingredients but its more amplified and stronger giving more energy, a better pump and longer lasting energy. If your more advanced and you are used to most pre-workouts I would say go with the C4 Ultimate, it has about 10 times more explosive energy than any other C4 Pre-workout.

If your wanting convenience go with the C4 On the Go, simple and easy to use with the same explosive energy from all the products.

If your wanting more focus and energy so you don’t break down mentally before your body does go with Neuro Pre-Workout or the C4 ultimate Pre-Workout.

If you want a C4 pre-workout that contains more creatine and will help you put on mass while giving you energy I would go with C4 Mass gainer and pre-workout, giving you a nice blend of creatine monohydrate micronized, helping you build lean muscle mass and muscle energy.

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