Bsn 6 Syntha Review

There are a variety of protein powders available on the marketplace right now. They come up with numerous promises about everything they can give the individual for purchasing them.

Regrettably, not every of the claims are accurate despite the fact that they guarantee which they are. The majority of the products have a tendency to promise excessively and also under deliver on the shady outcomes.

However, there are considerably better products to check out. It is vital that you have a good look, particularly what the product will be able to offer just before buying this for yourself.

This SYNTHA 6 is an extremely high-quality protein powder which offers 22-gram protein for every serving and additionally is a best-tasting protein of BSN available on the marketplace. SYNTHA 6 not just essential fatty acids and essential amino acids, but also is a great supply of dietary fiber that helps it to be a multi-functional and nutritious protein supplement. This SYNTHA 6 stands out as the trusted protein for any exercise or nutrition regimen since this is made to match a range of diet plans and active lifestyles. And with this particular SYNTHA 6, the higher standard of the superior protein includes taste to suit, thanks to the unique flavor technology of BSN.

Main Features Of This Product:

  • This SYNTHA 6 product from BSN is a whey protein supplement made for severe health and fitness fanatics who else need additional protein so that it will create muscle mass without having excess fat. That is particularly what this product is created for.
  • With every portion, one will get 22-gram of protein powder. Every portion also has 200 calories for each serving, which is a little bit higher when compared with some other protein powders, particularly vegan protein powder; however, it is not excessive.
  • On top of that, this product is available in red 2-pound and 5-pound canisters. Take a look at the product image and information. It is produced from 6 different health proteins.
  • Also, it is available in 6 different tastes such as cookies & cream, chocolate cake batter, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry milkshake, vanilla ice cream, and a chocolate milkshake.
  • Its main purpose is to boost post-exercise recovery and muscle synthesis and therefore, this is an outstanding product on the whole.
  • A very important factor to remember, in case you have an allergy to wheat, egg, milk, or soy then you may not be in a position to go for it since it includes ingredients produced from all those foods. Seek the advice of your doctor to stay safe.

Additional Features Of This Product:

SYNTHA 6 from BSN is the number #1 selling meal alternative protein powder in the world. Its nutritional profile reveals this to be greater in both fat and carbs compared to typical protein powders, much more strongly replicating the macro-nutrient proportion of a common muscle building meal. Additionally, it consists of medium-chain triglycerides for boosting weight reduction.

Nutritional Profile:

With every 44-gram portion, you obtain 6-gram fat (2 grams of saturated fat), 15-gram carbohydrate (5 grams of fiber), 2-gram sugar, and 22-gram protein. Furthermore, thrown in the mixing are potassium, sodium, phosphorous, and calcium. This will break down to approximately 20% fat, 30% carbs, and 50% protein. Since it includes a higher fat and carb content compared to the most protein powders for body building, this product is made as a replacement of the meal.

This product is known as Syntha 6 since it is a combination of 6 types of health proteins. These are egg albumin, milk protein isolate, micellar casein, casein caseinate, whey protein isolate, and whey protein concentrate. Additionally, it includes glutamine peptides.


BSN SYNTHA 6 is available for 11 tastes. The most in-demand taste undoubtedly is Cookies and Cream, which consists of true bits of the cookie. The tastes are yummy, providing a thick, creamy, and rich taste. The truth is this product will taste so competent that some consumers have to fight their taste buds in not utilizing it many times – excessive use might result in fat gain!!

Selling Price:

Having a regular retail price of less than 50 bucks for a 5-lbs tub, this Syntha offers great value for your cash. The “per shake” price is less than 0.99 which puts this on a par with some other best selling protein powders on the marketplace. BSN, needless to say, is far more than protein – this is an extensive replacement of the meal. BSN SYNTHA 6 is available in 3 sizes. The 2.9 lbs tub gives you 30 serves, again the 5 lbs tub gives 50 serves and then the 100 lbs bag gives you approximately 100 serves.


When it comes to how it blends, SYNTHA 6 will do a good job with simply a couple of shakes of the bottle. A glass and spoon will even do a sufficient job. People who find themselves lactose intolerant may have problems with SYNTHA 6 since it consists of lactose. It might trigger a tiny bit of gastro intestinal annoyed in case you are lactose intolerant. Everybody else must have no issues since this product includes digestive enzymes which assist your body to break the protein down.


Effects On Your Body:

Whenever a person raises his/her consumption of protein, this eventually provides the chance for the muscle tissue to develop and improvement in a progressive manner. In case you consume high levels of the protein then it will likewise assist with weight reduction like the leanest muscle tissue which a person has, a lot more which they burn excess fat off. Research reveals that the consumption of protein is very significant and ought to be consumed very seriously.


6-gram, Total Fat:

BSN SYNTHA 6 includes a fairly higher fat content. Once again, we are definitely not downplaying the key purpose of this particular macronutrient (fats help in the development and growth process and also assist in the digestion of the vitamins). It is simply that this unique product has considerably more of it compared to the average protein mix (50 of 200 calories per portion are from the fats). We tend to attribute it to the heap of the ingredients, especially canola oil and sunflower oil (even though it is a great supply of the good fats, this may also include a little bit of dreaded trans fats).

55-miligram Cholesterol:

Similar to fats, cholesterol is of two types: The bad and the good. Likewise, cholesterol content for per serving of BSN SYNTHA 6 is on par with the most of its rivals.

220-miligram Sodium:

BSN SYNTHA 6 includes a quite higher amount of sodium. A sufficient intake of sodium will help the active people stop muscular imbalances and muscle cramps. Still, we recommend individuals who have cardio issues to seek advice from their doctor in advance of buying BSN SYNTHA 6.

300-miligram Potassium:

Similar to the sodium content, potassium levels of BSN SYNTHA 6 are one of the best we have seen in the blends of protein. Don’t think that we are wrong; you require potassium to keep healthy and balanced blood pressure. A lot of this still can result in cardio problems, for example, irregular heart rhythms and low blood pressure. Just as before, seek advice from your doctor first of all if all these concern you.

15-gram Total carbohydrates:

Chocolate Peanut Butter taste of BSN SYNTHA 6 offers 15-gram carbs per portion. People who want to create leaner muscle tissue might be best getting a straightforward whey protein isolate health supplement. We love the fact that it has 5-gram dietary fiber per portion for the better digestion.

What Is The Best Taste Of This BSN Syntha 6?

The best taste of this BSN Syntha 6 protein is, for me, the banana. You will not go awry with this particular delicious-tasting and fruity protein powder. Though I have not tested all the flavors of Syntha 6, from exactly what I get, I have tested the 4 top flavors of this Syntha 6 Protein and so can let you know that you will not be unhappy getting the banana flavor. However, I want to discuss all 4 of the tastes which I tested to help you get a feel for each of them.

Strawberry Milk Shake:

This taste is also my favorite flavor which Syntha 6 provides, but it is very good. I love how the berry taste gets a backseat to creaminess/vanilla of the taste overall. I am not too attracted to Strawberry Milkshake-tasted proteins, yet this interpretation is extremely satisfying. I will highly recommend this to a person who likes fruity tastes to the more dessert/savory ones.

Cinnamon Bun:

A number of companies are producing cinnamon protein nowadays, and not surprisingly, BSN the ability to develop their take on this taste which is highly distinctive and drinkable. It offers more of a strong cinnamon taste compared to a few of the others I have tested- pretty much like that particular one bite close to the core of the cinnamon roll in which you will get a huge burst of the cinnamon spice in the back of the mouth. Personally, I enjoy that feeling; therefore, I prefer this taste a lot.

Chocolate Cake Batter:

This taste of Syntha 6 is very good also. You might taste that flavor and then say ‘oh that is simply an elegant name for the plain old chocolate.’ Plus that is what I mentioned as well! However, we are both wrong. This taste has some additional taste which helps it taste similar to a kind of cake batter.


As I talked about- it is the top flavor of this Syntha 6 from BSN. I combined up one scoop into the shaker with some warm water (I had been OUT of the almond milk, and also my shaker was broken sadly). Despite this is less than an optimum setup for the protein mixology, and finally, my shake came out splendidly.

What We Liked:

The benefit of this product lies in the fact that it eventually makes a superiorly velvety and rich milkshake with a more attractive texture and taste than others may offer.

  • Additionally, it produces muscle protein activity and after that the next use it provides recovery support for the better muscle development and growth.
  • It is an extremely superb quality protein which tastes awesome.
  • It blends easily and provides a creamy, thick, and smooth drink every time.

What We Disliked:

The sole thing to keep you informed of is that when individuals raise the quantity of protein which they consume lies in that it alternately can lead to the malodorous gas, bloat, and constipation problems. All those are not harmful things; however what you should be aware of them. This is a good response which happens in the human body as a direct effect of the increased protein intake.

  • Many people claim that this is excessively sweet for their preference.
  • It includes Lecithin which is produced from the soybean oil.
  • It includes 200 calories per portion and is a little bit higher for the protein supplement.

Why You Should Buy This Product:

Our experience on this particular product was excellent, and at this position, we can recommend it safely to anyone who is searching for an efficient and effective protein shake to improve their macronutrient requirements and also take their development of muscle to another level.

BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey Protein Powder, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate Meal Replacement Powder, Chocolate Milkshake, 48 Servings (Packaging May Vary)
  • 22g protein per serving
  • 5 grams of fiber per serving
  • 10 grams of essential amino acids per serving
  • Produces rich, creamy milkshake taste and texture
  • Promotes muscle protein synthesis and recovery support


This Protein Powder Health Supplement produced by the BSN Nutrition is must for both professionals and beginners.

On the other hand, those who are searching for an improved alternative can undoubtedly get it, because it has its flaws, such as the cholesterol content, unnecessary ingredients, and the price. Have you ever tested this BSN Syntha 6 or some other of their particular products, or perhaps are you considerably more attracted to the combination of different types of protein?

I hope this post has assisted you to a great extent to know about this protein powder. We would value your opinions in the comment box below this post, where we can easily begin a discussion!

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