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Top 5 Best Weighted Vests for Running

Keeping yourself in shape indicates that you need to continuously stay on the toes and also make changes because your entire body quickly gets familiar with any given workout.

In case you want to sustain your training progress, frequently it is required to blend some things up and also to make things more difficult going. The greater you push yourself, the more you will enhance.

For a fast and simple method to supplement your home fitness gear, a weighted vest can be a sensible move. They are affordable, simple to store away whenever not being used and ought to last a long time.

We are going to look at the best 5 weighted vests for walking and running reviews today so that you can purchase with full self-confidence. Whether or not it is using a treadmill or exercising outdoors, the improved effort needed when putting on a weighted vest unquestionably will max out your exercise.

Before that, get some general knowledge about the uses of a weighted vest and the top 5 weighted vests available in the marketplace.

Five Ways To Use The Weighted Vest:

There are a full variety of ways in which you can easily make complete use of a weighted vest, and here we are going to give you a quick overview of 5 ways at this time!

  • Running:

Head out for a run in the recreation area or even hit your treadmill to get a couple of intense minutes. Nevertheless, you select to run; doing this putting on a weighted vest will raise the challenging level and improve your gains.

  • Hiking and Walking:

A simple way for you to turn a mild walk into a lot more of a stamina test is just to strap on the weighted vest. While exercising on devices can be boring for a few, having a walk out-of-doors is significantly more revitalizing.

  • Circuit Training:

Circuits are an ideal method to obtain your entire body into a complete fat-burning mode. If you are first of all getting started with the weighted circuits, then you will most likely think it is quite difficult going. Before long, you will observe your stamina, and even the going will be easier.

  • Weight Training:

Assuming that the weighted vest is not cumbersome excessively, you can simply supplement your working out with by putting on extra weights on the upper body.

  • Household Chores:

Whether or not it’s vacuuming, laundry, gardening, or even working on day-to-day household tasks while putting on one of these weighted vests is a fantastic way to get some bonus workout without the need for going to the health and fitness center!

Runfast/Max Weighted Vest

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 4.20.13 PMThe truth is that the weights are detachable for this vest and puts off it to an excellent start. The newbie could begin smaller at 12 pounds and after that work their way up, and never have to purchase additional vests for the reason that they got stronger at the same time. Think about getting a cabinet complete with various weight vests considering that you increased strength and wanted more resistance. With this weighted vest, you can easily put and take out weights anytime you want, making this handy.

Still, there is a quite apparent issue with the sizes. Even though the vest is apparently universal size, it will not truly fit you if you are M size or even close to that. In case you are 185 pounds man, then this vest will be very small for you. A similar thing is going in case you are 135 pounds woman: this will be very big.

The cost is great in comparison to some other vests. You spend in accordance to the weight you buy and in comparison to other available choices; we discovered this particular comparatively cheap. We have observed a number of other comparable vests online having the similar problems, and they had been more costly – therefore we think that we are getting good services for what we spent. If perhaps they could develop the dimensions of the weighted vest (either consist of sizes or even allow it to be more adjustable), it might be an excellent accessory to your exercise. Sad to say, at this time, this is restricted to the individuals who are already slender and fit.


  • The weights are easily detachable
  • Double straps included to keep this in a safe position
  • The materials are breathable and designed to fit perfectly


  • Can add excessive weight on shoulders
  • Universal size might not fit smaller or bigger individuals
RUNFast RM_20 Pro Weighted Vest, 20 lb.
  • Select the weight you want, receive the vest with the weights picked
  • One size fits most and manufacture warranty included
  • Weights can be removed in the 20 lbs./40 lbs./50 lbs./60 lbs. models

ZFOsports UNISEX Weighted Vest

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 3.48.52 PMThe ZFOsports Weighted Vest is perfect for both women and men who else want a durable and dependable vest at an affordable cost. You can easily adjust the vest weight by removing or adding the weighted bags in 4 lbs increments up to no more than of lbs.

This particular is a one size weighted vest which fits all. This suits the entire body firmly to permit the optimum quantity of comfort and ease possible and get rid of moving whenever you exercise. To ensure this remains firm to the body, this comes with a Velcro strap which is adjustable on each shoulder and 2 Velcro straps having metal D-rings across the belly area.

Aside from slower jogging or even running, this particular weighted vest is very ideal for some other bodyweight workouts such as push-ups, pull-ups, dips, lunges, squats and so on. You can even boost the resistance in almost all your weight training during a workout session without having dealt with any immobility and discomfort.


  • Ideal for any given shape and size
  • Forces to keep outstanding position
  • Adjustable enough to movement and free breath
  • Most affordable cost without compromising the level of quality
  • Excellent for jogging and some other strength and cardio training
  • Hugs tight and fits properly (with dual abdomen straps) and significantly more comfortable simultaneously


  • This vest is not water-resistant
  • To put the parts of this vest together at the start, when it arrived first, can be a little bit tiresome and complicated. Still with the assist of included manual and patience, very easily you can sort out it.
  • The large size of this particular vest is so much detectable, and also you can listen to a few remarks regarding the SWAT team vests once you head out in public for jogging! This may be a very important thing as well.
ZFOsports® - 20LBS -UNISEX- Comfortable Exercise Adjustable Weighted Vest
  • MiR 20Lbs Exercise Adjustable Weighted Vest
  • 20-pound adjustable weighted vest for adding resistance to workout routines
  • Contours and stays tight to your body regardless of the athletic activity
  • Allows you to move and breathe freely; adjustable in 3/4-pound increments
  • Helps you increase strength and speed, lose weight, and gain quickness and power

Tone Fitness Weight Vest

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 3.44.45 PMThis Tone Weighted vest was made to give you an additional 12 pounds weight on your strength and cardio rounds, enhancing, simultaneously, your agility, power, and speed. Anytime carry out some type of activity or go on a run, simply take on this vest and this will give you a supplementary touch. This vest has a few other unique features, for example, a safe pocket for the electronic devices (mp3 player, phone or iPod), reflective stripes (if you are a night time jogger) and a specially designed gadget which controls the temperatures. The fabric from which this vest is built is neoprene, which provides a more comfortable treatment throughout your exercises. The size of this unit is universal (the one size fits the most people).

This Tone Fitness Vest comes with a large amount of features, higher ratings, and also an affordable price. This is perfect for both long and short torsos and even is made from neoprene materials for flexibility and comfort-ability.


  • The reflective strips definitely will offer safety at night time
  • The neoprene material causes it to be comfortable to put on
  • It includes pockets in which can easily store the electronic devices


  • May result in rub burns
  • It includes phthalate chemicals which are proven to trigger reproductive harms for example birth defects
Tone Fitness Weighted Vest, 12 lbs
  • Add strength training to your workout
  • Constructed of soft neoprene material for comfort
  • Adjustable front belt for snug fit
  • Reflective strips for safety while walking at night
  • One size fits most

Mir Weighted Vest

Mir Weighted VestThis particular unit had been created specifically for males. The short style the weighted vest implies that it is ideal for running, gym workouts and power walking. Any sort of long style weighted vest is created for considerably more robust movements for example in SEAL or CrossFit Training. It provides you more balance. Nevertheless, the short style is simply good at the same time. It truly relies on what you like.

This is included with 50 lbs of weight which is a quite big amount. The users who would like to bump it up a notch can easily slip in an extra 10 lbs, getting the total to 60 lbs.

This particular vest was designed to be sturdy, and at the same time, reviewers agree with the fact. One user was happy that in spite of several months or more of sweaty and heavy exercises, their vest seems as nice as the new. The design is comfortable and snug. Users do not complain about this chafing and rubbing the way other weighted vests do.


  • 50 lbs are integrated
  • This vest comes with a velcro belt
  • The vest capacity is approximately 60 lbs
  • Vest weights can easily be adjusted in 3 lbs increments
  • You will get empty and additional pouches to put weights
  • This vest has 5 straps which assist to make the best snug fit
  • This vest is super compact that allows for free range of movements (11″ in length)


  • This vest is high priced
  • Price does not offer shipping
  • The head opening is very small
  • The side straps are hard to adjust, and even they should be secured well for running
Mir 50LBS Short Adjustable Weighted Vest
  • 50-Pounds Included, Weights adjustable in 3-Pound increments; One Velcro belt included
  • Vest weights Capacity = 60-Pound; Empty compartments to add additional weights
  • Double padding throughout vest and narrow shoulder design
  • Super Compact; Only 11-Inch in length; Design for maximum mobility; Snug Fit
  • Weights are loaded at the upper body; Front and back weight distribution for optimum performance

Zeyu Sports Weighted Vest

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 4.20.51 PMThis Zeyu Sports weighted vest offers you with an additional 8 lbs of resistance in a minimalistic and stylish design. It is available in an impressive pink color and also is manufactured from replenish-able synthetic rubber. This particular material is more comfortable to put on and offers outstanding breathability.

The Zeyu Sports weighted vest is one the best vest which performs well more particularly on trail with the rolling hills and as soon as the user regularly alternates from a sitting to standing posture having the upper body exercise component.

This is made out of synthetic rubber, and this unique vest assists to enhance strength training and cardio conditioning, offering more speed and power in whatever you perform.

The fast release side buckles get this vest easy to wear and makes sure that this is adjustable to any shape and size of any body. This features a reflective strip across the bottom to protect you during the night, and a pocket to store your mobile phone. Despite the fact that this is advertised like a walking vest, this vest will work effectively while you are doing weight and calisthenics training; however, will jump a little with the plyometric work.


  • This vest comes with reflective strip
  • This vest has fast release side buckles
  • This vest has minimalistic and stylish design


  • This vest jumps around while you are doing plyometric exercise
Zeyu Sports Walking Fitness Weighted Vest 8LBS/3.6KG Blue Women Running
  • 8lbs (3.6kg) weighted vest made for women
  • Made from synthetic rubber, a sustainable resource
  • Adjustable form-fitting design with quick-release buckle
  • Great for walking, running, and other activities
  • Ideal for physical fitness and healthy living


If you purchase one of the top weighted vests for running which we reviewed in this post for you, we are confident that you will be pleased with the crazy challenge it contributes to your training. All the weighted vests are highly rated. Undoubtedly they will take your fitness and your workouts to another level. The advantages of your best suited weighted vest will be experienced by you and also will be noticed by everyone else!

No matter if you are getting yourself ready for a marathon or an athletic competition the best weight vest for running will boost your overall performance and offer you with a head start.

We highly recommend you to feel free and to share this useful post on your social media accounts. We appreciate your efforts for getting in touch with any fitness and health questions. We appreciate to hear from you, and even we are always happy to help you.

All the adjustable weighted vests mentioned above are the top selling products in the marketplace. I have mentioned the required things you should know before you make a purchase. I hope this post helped you to a great extent.

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