axe clean cut pomade review

Axe Clean Cut Pomade Review

Hello friends. Here I am, again, to review a product that you probably used when you were in high school and all of Axe’s budget was going towards marketing and advertisement instead of increasing the quality of their products. I mean, let’s face it, how many of us actually still use Axe products? That is so 2007.

Regardless, there is a market for people that actually use Axe products, and it’s my job to give you the rundown of these products. Have they stood the test of time? Is Axe really increasing the quality of their products? Will I finally be able to be a chick magnet like how all the Axe commercials conveyed? Read on to see what I think about the Axe Clean Cut Pomade!


The pomade is enclosed in a black, circular, tub that has a bunch of unnecessary space. It is basically a giant air-filled shell that takes up way too much space for the amount of product you get. This creates a problem for people that travel often and want to conserve as much space as possible.

The actually pomade works more like a puddy. It just doesn’t hold in the container. When I went to get a finger dab, as soon as I push on it, the entire chunk of paste spins around in the container making it difficult to extract that the product. Not a big deal, but something to keep in mind when you rate the overall quality of the product.

The biggest thing about the presentation is the smell. It smells HORRIBLE. Axe Clean Cut Pomade embodies a chemical smell that makes it feel like you’re going to burn off your hair with chemical burns. Definitely the worst part about this product.

Long Lasting Hold

If you’ve been reading my other reviews, you’ll notice that I find a lot of value in how long a product will stay in your hair. The Axe Clean Cut Pomade is one of the shortest, if not the shortest, in terms of longevity. I applied it in the morning and it didn’t even last until the afternoon. Multiple applications of this product is necessary in order to keep your hair style fresh throughout the day.

Because of how many times you need to apply this throughout the day, this product plummets when it comes to value. Not only that, it is extremely inefficient. How many of you will carry this oversized container everywhere with you when you can just buy a better product for a couple bucks more? Not many people I assume.

How Strong is the Hold?

Another characteristic of hair products I find value in is how strong the hold is. With my Asian hair, I need to make sure that I get something that is strong enough to keep my stubborn hair up. Although the longevity is something that this product fails at, I gotta give it to the strength. Although it is not the strongest I’ve ever used, I would rate the strength of this pomade as acceptable. Not overbearing strong, but also not too weak.

Features and Specifications:

  • Polished look shell love
  • Gives your hair polish without looking wet
  • Medium Hold
  • Finishing Shine
  • Best on Short and Mid-length Hair Styles

Pros & Cons

Now that we have the features and specifications listed, we can go ahead and list what the benefits and downfalls of this product.


The Axe Clean Cut Pomade does have some strengths. This pomade really does have a low price point and is especially good for the budget pomade. Also, this product is meant for shorter hair. Although I wouldn’t use this for my hair, this product is perfect for styling your teenage kids hair. Not only that, it will be easy on your wallet since the price point is so low.


Now we can get to the downfalls of this product. There are many things that this product fails at. Again, I do feel that this product will be better for the younger crowd. With that being said, let’s getting into the nitty gritty of what this product does wrong.

After applying this product, if you sweat, you will notice that it will leave a visible white residue. The last thing that I want is to have dandruff looking hair. Remember that Head & Shoulders commercial where they advertise no dandruff? Yeah, no one likes dandruff.

Long time to apply since you have to basically rub it into your hair for 30 seconds to make sure none of the white residue stays.

This product also smells horrible and is incredibly hard to scoop out because of it’s puddy-like properties.

All-in-all, has really low value for men that take their hair styling and grooming seriously.


No. This product is a firm no from me. Unless you’re 13 years old and barely care about how your hair is styled, you should stay far away from this product. There are just too many fails to forgive, even if it’s a low price point. Not only that, it’s a product that has a horrible reputation that carried over from when Axe first started getting big. There are many competitors that will out shine this product in every category for only a couple bucks more.

Axe Clean Cut Pomade receives a 1/5 rating for it’s longevity, horrible smell, and inefficiency of space.

If you’re stuck and wondering what kind of pomade to use, below is a link to my review of LayRite Super Hold. Definitely something that you might want to check out if Axe Clean Cut Pomade doesn’t work for you. Also, if you’ve decided that you want to purchase Axe Clean Cut Pomade even after reading my review, click here to purchase from Amazon.

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