american crew fiber review

American Crew Fiber Review

There are a couple of things to be said when we talk about the American Crew product line. It’s a VERY popular brand and a good entry level hair product if you are just entering the mindset of optimizing yourself.

A growing trend that we consistently see in hair styling is the messy/natural look. When you’re Asian and you have very stubborn hair, there are some products that you want to avoid. Now, as an Asian-American male, I’m not going to tell you my verdict just yet, but I will go ahead and outline the things that I felt should be mentioned. There are some downsides, but at the same point, there are also a lot of positive remarks that I have to give. In the end, it is you that will have to make the decision if this hair product is right for you. So let’s get into it!
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My main test to see if I’m going to be making a product my “daily driver” is to see how long will it last? I can’t be going to Vegas clubs, getting ready at 10PM and then having my hair fall down because of it’s weak lifespan. I want something that will keep my hair up and styled for however long I’m out.

With my stubborn, straight, thick and moisture-absorbing Asian hair, American Crew Fiber just did not do it for me. My main complaint is that the product would only last 5 hours. This means that my hair, that I had styled up to give volume, will now be falling down as bangs, which makes me look like a Korean pop-star; a look I am trying to avoid.

How Strong is the Hold?

Out of all of the products that I have ever used, American Crew Fiber has the least amount of strength when it comes to hold. For my Asian hair, it just would not cooperate. Many times I would have to finish my hair off with some hair spray, which is ridiculous. Why do I have to apply 2 products to my hair to achieve the desired effect if I could just use 1 product and not waste money on hair spray? For this very reason, the value of the product drop tremendously.

Features and Specifications:

  • Non-Shine, Matte Look
  • “High Hold, Low Shine” (Should be advertised as no hold, low shine)
  • Will only last a couple of hours
  • Water-Soluble (it’s only saving grace, which brings very little value)
  • Smells Good
  • Comes in a 3oz tub
  • Good Price Point
  • Good for curly or straight hair
  • In my experience, not good for Asian Hair


What makes this product even more difficult is that you have to find the right balance of damp and dryness before you apply. Too damp, the product becomes very greasy. Too dry and it’s too hard to work through because of how sticky the product is. If by some magic I get the right amount of wetness EVERYDAY and somehow get the shape that I want, it only holds for a couple of hours.


For hair that is short, thin, and NOT Asian hair, yes I can recommend this hair product if you are trying to save a couple of bucks. But if you’re Asian, I would suggest to stay far away from this as possible. It’s just not worth the money you would be spending where you could be spending that on a better hair product like Lay Rite Super Hold or Mister Pompadour Natural Beeswax Paste. Regardless, I have provided you the link to this product below.

American Crew Fiber receives a 2/5.

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